A new Destiny 2 Prime Gaming Drop is available

A new Destiny 2 Prime Gaming Drop is available

A new Destiny 2 Prime Gaming Drop is available

A new Destiny 2 Prime Gaming Drop is available.

Visit Twitch today for a new Destiny2Prime Gaming drop. Although this drop does not include Exotic Weapons, as most players have them for a while, I’m okay with that. The latest Destiny 2Prime Gaming drop is focused on cosmetic items. Guardians will receive three Exotic pieces as well as one Legendary. These items are:

The Flip Out Exotic Emote was introduced in Season One.

Takanome Wings Exotic Ship (introduced in Season One)
Constricting Shell Exotic Ghost (introduced during Season Ten of the first Guardian Games).

Spaded Knife Legendary Sparrow (introduced during Season Six)
Unfortunately, it is not a semi-secret emblem at this moment. You get what you see.

You can get the items in the Destiny2Prime Gaming Drop by connecting your Bungie account with your Prime-enabled Twitch Account, and then go to the Destiny2Prime Gaming Page. The bundle will be available to you in-game at Amanda Holliday’s Tower Hangar once you have collected it.

What do you think about the drop? The Constricting Shell is a great item, but I have had it since it was available for Bright Dust. Although the Sparrow is an excellent Legendary item, it has significant Destiny 2syndrome issues that make it look almost indistinguishable from other ships. It does have a lovely animated flower pattern and some lore.

We have guides that will help you unlock the Solar 3.0 fragments. They also show how to obtain the new Jotunn catalyst. We also cover patch notes and top issues. Bound In Sorrow quest step, and Calus Bobbleheads. We have covered the steps to obtain Opulent Keys, Bound Presence In Containment, Crown of Sorrow H.E.L.M., and more. Upgrades, Iron Banner Seal Triumphs and the Trespasser Catalyst. We’ve also written about how to find a Loyalist commander for Battles Lines Triumph or the Cek’ik Boss.

A new Destiny 2 Prime Gaming Drop is available
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