BIO INC REDEMPTION Mobile iOS/APK Version Download
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BIO INC REDEMPTION Mobile iOS/APK Version Download

BIO INC REDEMPTION Mobile iOS/APK Version Download

BIO INC REDEMPTION Mobile iOS/APK Version Download

Bio Inc. Redemption Game 2018 Overview

This game is all about exploring the human body in great detail. Once you have learned enough about the body, you can make any changes you wish to it.

Bio Inc Redemption is a biomedical simulation where you can make life- or death decisions. You can create the worst illness and torture your victim, or you can play the role of the head of a medical team to save the patient hopefully. Bio Inc Redemption includes over 600 real diseases, symptoms, diagnostic tests and treatments. You will be captivated for hours and transported into an incredible microscopic world.

Bio Inc Redemption is the sequel to Bio Inc., a mobile game that more than 15 million people enjoyed. It has been rebuilt from the ground to be the most realistic and visually stunning simulator of medical conditions. You can choose death and unleash your dark side.

You can choose Life to play the role of a medical diagnostician and identify and treat diseases before it is too late. The campaign features nine cases of varying difficulty. The adaptive AI system gives you hours of replay value and endless gameplay. Bio Inc Redemption’s mechanics are easy to understand but extremely complex. A quick and fun challenge will appeal to casual players. Advanced players will need to develop complex strategies to solve difficult cases. It all comes down to timing and combinations!

Bio Inc Redemption Features:

  • Gender selection with certain male/female illnesses
  • Multiplayer: Choose a side and battle with other players online in real-time to climb the ladder.
  • Sex Roulette: A new unprotected sex game that unlocks exclusive diseases
  • Cheats and Sandbox Mode: You can use sandbox mode for new treatments or test theories without risk to your patient.



BIO INC REDEMPTION Mobile iOS/APK Version Download
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