COD Mobile Season 7 (2022). Everything you need to know

COD Mobile Season 7 (2022). Everything you need to know

COD Mobile Season 7 (2022). Everything you need to know

COD Mobile Season 6 is currently running for about a week. It offers cool new weapons and the arrival of the latest ‘Favela map’ – which can be found in the streets of Brazil.

The current season will continue for approximately a month. However, many fans ask when the COD Mobile 7 season will be released.

The “Elite of the Elite” chapter of the COD Mobile saga will be the latest and most important. It will see the emergence of global warfare.

COD Mobile Season 7 release time & date

The patch could be available around one day before Season 7’s launch– accessible through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

COD Mobile Season 6 featured new battle passes free of charge that included weapons like a precision SMG, new camo, and the Sky Sentry Calling Card at Tier-50.

There are also premium pass tiers. This allowed you to access all content in the To The Skies stream, including Sophia, Ethan, Wraith, and many more. You can also get traditional weapon blueprints, and other goodies.


A brand new multiplayer map was finally released. The Call Of Duty inspired the favela: Ghosts map and allowed players to play in a new area.

The latest season of COD Mobile will likely include a new map and new weapons. There may also be new game modes.

Many of the same arrivals will be featured in the Elite of the Elite Season 7 release, including the following:

Nearly every COD Mobile season update featured new weapons, so Season 7 is likely to be the same.

Activision posted the above image. Many new guns will likely be available in the upcoming season.

The Hades LMG, seen in Black Ops 4, is one confirmed weapon. Activision recommends that users save money now to get this powerful weapon.

The inventory will also include a new crossbow, which allows players to be more individual with their frags.

Some excellent new items were added to the inventory in the last season’s updates, including a semi-auto rifle and full-auto pistol, as well as a cooling compressor attachment for RPD.

Remember that not all new weapons will be available at the season launch. Some require achievements to unlock.

COD Mobile Season 7 (2022). Everything you need to know
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