Disney Announces New Game To Rival Pokemon

Disney Announces New Game To Rival Pokemon

Disney Announces New Game To Rival Pokemon

Disney Announces New Game To Rival Pokemon

Few collectable card games have achieved the same staying power as Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering. There have been many franchises that have tried to break into the world of shiny cardboard. While there have been relative successes, none of them has managed to surpass the three big ones.

Disney Dreamlight Valley will be a new sim game. It will go live in early access starting September 6th.

Polygon reported that Disney would launch its version of Disney Lorcana, a new collectable trading cards game created in collaboration with Ravensburger. They are expected to release the first sets of cards in the second half of 2023. However, a first look will be made at D23 Expo on September 9th.

Ryan Miller, brand manager at Polygon, stated, “The basic idea of it is that there’s this spot called The Great Illuminary.” It is a treasure trove of all Disney songs and stories – all characters – and it’s also where they’re recorded. The Illuminator is a powerful wizard who can bring these characters to life on the page. Players will get a group of their favourite Disney characters together for an adventure in this world.

Lorcan has faith in the game’s appeal and ability to stand out from other card games.

Miller stated that Magic[ The Gathering] has a very high level of competition. People love that Magic is so popular. We have retreated from it. We are not cooperative, but it is a strategy game. We have reduced the confrontation level because we believe this will appeal to more people. If you consider chess the most aggressive game you can play, then wwe is behind a few notches. We want people to have fun with the characters they love.

Disney Announces New Game To Rival Pokemon
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