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FIELDRUNNERS 2 Full Game Mobile for Free

FIELDRUNNERS 2 Full Game Mobile for Free

FIELDRUNNERS 2 Full Game Mobile for Free

Fieldrunners 2 Game 2013 Overview:

Defense is only possible with the help of defensive buildings. For the players, the attackers’ paths are indicated. It is up to you to defeat your enemies before they reach the end of the path.

Fieldrunners 2’s primary levels are very simple. The soldiers will have access to defensive buildings. You can defeat the attackers in a matter of minutes if you use them correctly. It is important to choose the right places for your buildings. It is important to place the most powerful defensive tower in a location where all enemy forces pass through. Some places on the map are not required for the towers to be placed there.

This tower defense game has many modes. Campaign mode is one. There are more than 20 hours of gameplay. This means that it will take you more than 20 hours to complete the mode if you don’t stop. Most players won’t be able to finish the game in that amount of time. You may lose in certain levels at Fieldrunners 2. You may lose in some of the levels at Fieldrunners 2. You can choose another mode if you get bored with this one.


Fieldrunners 2 has many challenging modes. There are twenty different weapons that you can collect. You can upgrade all weapons to higher levels. You can also encounter different enemies in this game. The second version will have many improvements, including higher graphics.

Features of Fieldrunners 2,

  • To face many enemies, you can enter the campaign mode
  • Your towers can defend your base against invaders
  • Be brave and defeat your enemies before they reach their destination
  • +20 hours of gameplay with more than 20 types of upgradable weaponry



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