Fire Emblem Heroes 6.5.0 Gives Duma New Skills

Fire Emblem Heroes 6.5.0 Gives Duma New Skills

Fire Emblem Heroes 6.5.0 Gives Duma New Skills

Fire Emblem Heroes 6.5.0 Gives Duma New Skills

The latest update to Fire Emblem Heroes has been released. Intelligent System and Nintendo have made important changes to The Arena, Summoner Duels and other areas. Players can now refine their weapon and weapon skills with the updated limited-time combat manuals.

Fire Emblem Heroes finally addresses Arena Issues.

Tactical Retreat can now be used up to twice in the Arena. The Tactical Retreat feature allows you to keep your winning streak in the Arena without having to lose your score or break your chain if you lose a match. It can be used up to twice. This feature can be used up to two times per season. You can reset your Tactical Retreat by pressing the Reset button. This will allow you to restart your battle chain.

Summoner Duels have been updated

Summoner Duels will now show your remaining. Opponents’ teams. This is a significant quality of life improvement. When you select which team to dispatch from the Team Selection screen, the Veto Selection screen will display the two opposing teams you have not chosen.

Bold Tower has been upgraded to level 9, and Aether Resort has had an update. The Concert Hall has two new songs: “Battle: Advance” from Fire Emblem: Thracia776 and “Advance” from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. The new songs will be available to players via the Aether Raids menu.

Duma Receives New Skills

Duma, God of Strength, has new skills thanks to the update. His C Skill “Upheaval” deals 10 damage to all foes and can also instantly demolish nearby structures if you meet specific conditions. Duma also has a new weapon skill that players should learn.

This update brings a variety of important changes players have requested. You can complete the new Combat Manuals until June 27, 2022, to get them. The official patch notes will give you a complete list of the changes made to the update. Click to see our list of top Fire Emblem games.

Fire Emblem Heroes 6.5.0 Gives Duma New Skills
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