Genshin Impact Developer Reveals Zenless Zone Zero

Genshin Impact Developer Reveals Zenless Zone Zero

Genshin Impact Developer Reveals Zenless Zone Zero

Genshin Impact Developer Reveals Zenless Zone Zero

It is quite remarkable how deeply miHoYo, now internationally Hoyoverse, has made Genshin Influence in the past few years. It is a mix of high production values and a surprising number of characters and content that players can easily get along with. Although it has not changed the gacha game’s reputation, it has subverted some. Hoyoverse is now on an international map many of its contemporaries can only dream of.

The developer is trying to strike while the iron is still relatively hot and has released Zenless Zero for iOS and PC. This post-apocalyptic action RPG seems to be primarily focused on shooting and melee mechanics in its combat system. It is more modern than Hoyoverse’s sci-fi and fantasy games.

It’s a bit difficult to name a game so that it is abbreviated to “ZZZ,” but it might catch on.

Even though the anime art style is very similar to Genshin Impair fans, it will still look very much like the original.

Hoyoverse stated in a press release that players in the game assume the role of a “Proxy” — a special professional who guides people through their exploration of Hollows. “Many people desire to explore the Hollows for different reasons. The ‘Proxies are their indispensable partners.” They will be supported by the ‘Proxies’ to explore the Hollows and defeat their enemies. In the process, they will also learn about their stories.

Roguelike elements will be included in the game, so it’s likely that it won’t just be Genshin Impair with a new skin. This would imply that the Hollows will change each time you enter the game, although the developer has not revealed any details. However, Zenless Zero is currently accepting beta signups to a closed beta test at an unknown date. To sign up, interested players can visit the official website. They will need to complete a lengthy survey. Although the game has been announced only for iOS and PC, considering the success of Genshin on consoles, I expect they will soon be looking at those platforms.

Genshin Impact Developer Reveals Zenless Zone Zero
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