It's been a long time coming that fall guys will be free to play.

It’s been a long time coming that fall guys will be free to play.

It's been a long time coming that fall guys will be free to play.

It’s been a long time coming that fall guys will be free to play.

Mediatonic announced earlier this week that their famous physics-based multiplayer Fall Guy would be moving to other platforms in June. It will launch with full cross-play. S, and Switch will finally be able to enjoy Fall Guys together, ensuring that the servers will have a healthy selection of players for the foreseeable future.

After the reveal stream, Fall Guys looks bright. Especially with the announcement that Fall Guys will receive a level creator that allows players to create their own obstacles courses. It’s exciting to see what this could mean for community events and content creators, but the best reason to be excited about it is that it’s now free-to-play. Fall Guys feels that this is a good sign for the future, but it could also be a warning sign.

This is the most obvious benefit. Players can play no matter where they are located. Playing for free on all platforms is a great way to build a community. This is especially true when online play has been made possible by the removal of paid subscriptions to Xbox and PlayStation. Although Switch players may be the ones who suffer in this regard, it is not unusual for Switch to play online.

Fall Guys was originally released on PlayStation as part of the PlayStation Plus program. This allowed subscribers to play the multiplayer game for free. It “was a huge success, at least for the short-term. It meant millions of people were able to try Fall Guys out in their first month.

Multiplayer games need healthy players to survive. Fall Guys, a PS Plus title, gave it the identity of a game that shouldn’t be bought. Why should you pay if you can get it free of charge? The game’s PS Plus availability ended after Fall Guys. This caused a significant drop in interest. The game was still popular in years past, particularly when it was released for new platforms. However, it has never been able to maintain that level of interest.

Fall Guys isn’t the only game that has dealt with this. Destruction All-Stars, a PS5-exclusive multiplayer title, launched just a few months after Fall Guys. It seemed to fare worse than Fall Guys. Many believed it should have been free to play. The fact that it will be part of the PS Plus Premium service next month confirms this view.

Fall Guys is now free to play, which many believe makes it the best game ever. Fall Guys has had a lot of cosmetic items available for purchase in its shop over the past year, making it feel free-to-play. However, some may have been put off by the high price. This is particularly true if the game wasn’t being launched on new platforms as free-to-play. It is unlikely that anyone who has tried it before on another platform would double-dip.

Although it’s unclear if this free-to-play Fall Guys game for all platforms will lead to the largest boom period since its launch, the future looks bright for those who love to watch beans get yet by hammers. It’ll be great to get back in the game with new friends.

It’s been a long time coming that fall guys will be free to play.
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