Loopmancer Mobile Game Full Version Download
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Loopmancer Mobile Game Full Version Download

Loopmancer Mobile Game Full Version Download

Loopmancer Mobile Game Full Version Download


Overview Loopmancer

Year 2046/ Dragon City Neurocomp interfaces, bionic prosthetics, and nano-biotechnology are commonplace. Despite a highly developed society, the gap between the haves & the have-nots has only increased. Xiang Zixu is a brilliant private investigator who was killed investigating the disappearance of a prominent female journalist. He wakes up in his apartment’s bedroom immediately after his death.

Before he can think about what has happened, his colleague from the agency rings. He tells him that a new case is being investigated: a prominent female journalist’s disappearance and subsequent arrest. Eye-pleasing Stages and Maps; Cyberpunk-style Eastern Cities. This game features seven large stages.

Battle Action at a fast pace. Unlock new abilities and weapons through endless reincarnations. This will help you to strengthen and improve your fighting skills. You can unlock over 100 guns and cast skills using prosthetic limb chips. Additionally, you can use tech items to defeat your enemy. Over 30 enemies are available, including vicious gangsters and well-equipped mercenaries, insane mutants whose neuro comp interfaces were hacked, highly-trained bionics, and others with unusual behaviour patterns.

There are many more, and they will all be challenging to conquer. After each life loop, certain areas will be affected in an unexpected way. Choose your favourite battle mode to discover the ultimate truth. Xiang Zixu will wake up in his apartment after each death and start a new chapter. The story will progress. It is possible to review what was the right choice in the past and come up with a new conclusion. Each decision you make can change the fate of your characters in-game and alter the ending. Are you ready for a new chapter?

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How To Install

Turn Off Your Antivirus Before Installing Any Game

1:: Download the Game
2:: Extract the Game
3:: Launch The Game
4:: Have fun

Loopmancer Mobile Game Full Version Download



Loopmancer Mobile Game Full Version Download
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