Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Mode: Tradeable Items

Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Mode: Tradeable Items

Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Mode: Tradeable Items

Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Mode: Tradeable Items

Popularity is rising for the extraction shooter sub-genre. Escape from Tarkov is the most popular sub-genre with many players looting and shooting for valuable items.

Call of Duty is known for its innovative shooters. While there isn’t much information about Modern Warfare 2 or its DMZ model, rumors suggest that Infinity Ward has big plans.

A notable leaker claimed that DMZ will allow players to trade with other players and buy their items through an in-game marketplace.

Call of Duty: Tradeable Items

According to “TheGhostOfHope”, Modern Warfare 2’s third mode will include a marketplace that allows players to buy and sell items. This sounds very similar to Escape from Tarkov. Although the type of currency that will be used in the marketplace is not yet known, it could use COD Points.

Hope suggests that the rewards of buying ammunition, weapons, and equipment for use in DMZ will cross-pollinate into Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, and Warzone 2 once the new era begins.

There is plenty of information about DMZ available, so players could trade various items. Hope has already rejected the idea of weapon blueprints being put on the market, but the possibility of players purchasing submachine guns used by Call of Duty League pros would be an interesting dynamic.

Infinity Ward will provide more information about DMZ as the attention turns to Modern Warfare 2, which is rumored for June.

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Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Mode: Tradeable Items
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