MONARK IOS Latest Version Free Download
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MONARK IOS Latest Version Free Download

MONARK IOS Latest Version Free Download

MONARK IOS Latest Version Free Download

Overview of MONARK

Descent into Madness: You can jump between the Mists of the real world, and the mysteries of the Otherworld. Allies are available to help you fight your enemies and uncover the secrets surrounding your academy. Do you want to save the world, or will you go insane and endanger yourself? Into the Mist and Beyond: Explore a dark realm in which reality and your own self collide. Surrealists will be able to bring the mysterious worlds that you explore to life.

Dark neo-fantasy with elaborate character designs and evocative settings. Power of the Ego – Strengthen your Ego to customize your Fiends’ appearance and abilities. You can unlock different Fiends that you can command in battle. The freeform tactical system allows you to position your units to unleash destruction on your enemies. Will you go to great lengths to protect the ones you love? Are you prepared to face the dangers that surround you? What about you?

When the mysterious and deadly Mist surrounds Shin Mikado Academy, your world plunges into madness. You must save your friends by entering the Otherworld, a dimension populated with Daemons that is beyond the real world. You must harness your Authority of Vanity to conjure a battalion of Fiends whose power is derived from their master’s Ego. You can develop your Ego by taking psychological tests. Then you can lead your troops into battle against the “Pactbearers”, who are corrupting the academy. To gain strength, embrace the power of your madness, but be careful not to go too far. You will find fellow students and instructors who will help you in your search to solve the anomalies on the campus.

Download MONARK for Free:

  1. Different Fiends can be unlocked
  2. Tactical system
  3. Command in battle

How to Install MONARK on Mobile

1:: Download Game
2:: Extract Game
3:: Launch The Game
4:: Have Fun


MONARK IOS Latest Version Free Download



MONARK IOS Latest Version Free Download
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