Oscar Isaac and Director Seemingly Reveal Season 2 of ‘Moon Knight”

It’s easy for people to forget that, in March, we saw the release of the Disney+ series Moon Knight.

Things have been quiet since May’s end, as far as plans for the show’s future are concerned. But, it is possible that things could have changed. ComicBook reported that one TikToker might have received confirmation from screenwriter Mohamed Diab, and the lead Oscar Isaac, that a second season will be produced.

A short video shows hayaattiaaa asking Isaac if there is “a second season”. Isaac replied: “Why would we be in Cairo otherwise?” Have a look below.

This seems to confirm it, except that the couple just wanted fans to be teased. This is quite surprising, considering Isaac stated in May that the show would not be continuing beyond its first season.

He said that he thought they approached it as “this is the story” and that it was time to share all details. It is not planned to be continued. It would depend on the story […]. However, I love being Steven. It’s like being him physically. If there were a story that made sense, I would be glad to be a part of it.”

Isaac’s costar May Calamaway, aka Layla El-Faouly on the show, basically said the same thing: “I haven’t heard anything so I don’t know if there are plans. If there was, I would, yes, I’d consider going back. Yes.

Oscar Isaac and Director Seemingly Reveal Season 2 of ‘Moon Knight”
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