"PUBG" Is Crossing With Baby Shark.

“PUBG” Is Crossing With Baby Shark.

"PUBG" Is Crossing With Baby Shark.

“PUBG” Is Crossing With Baby Shark.

Dear reader, I am so sorry for the harsh words that you are about to hear. There have been many major gaming announcements this year, including the acquisitions of large studios and the cancellation of the 2022 E3 events. Although I cannot say that the news that I am about to share can compete with half that in terms of its importance and hype, it is easily the most bizarre.

It has been announced that Mobile will be launching a collab. That annoying song for kids, which will worm its way into the back of your brain for weeks, even if you only listen to the chorus once. Why? You are as confused as I am.

The collaboration does not end with the video. Players can get exclusive Baby Shark-themed items starting today and ending on June 2, including a motorcycle (or smoke grenade), helmet, parachute, and helmet. PUBG may not be the most violent, but it is rated T (or PEGI16+ in the UK). This makes you wonder about the intended audience for this crossover, considering that Baby Shark is targeted at toddlers.

It’s clear that someone is interested as it’s not the first time they’ve collaborated. Vincent Wang, Head of PUBG Mobile Publishing at Tencent Games, stated, “We’re thrilled be working with Pinkfong Baby Shark again. Bringing colourful items and music to .” We can’t wait for our players to explore Erangel in their new Baby Shark gear and we hope our new song will bring joy and happiness to all in the /PUBG Mobile as well as the Baby Shark communities.”

Ryan Seungkyu Lee (executive vice president of The Pinkfong Company, the guys who created Baby Shark) said, “We are thrilled to expand our cooperation with .PUBG Mobile,” “Our commitment to make the world happier through joyful content for all ages is strengthened by our collaboration with one of the most beloved mobile games. We will continue to look for opportunities to bring joy to our fans all over the globe.

It’s an “unparalleled entertainment experience”, right? Right. I don’t take any responsibility for that song getting stuck in your head.

“PUBG” Is Crossing With Baby Shark.
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