“Rainbow Six Siege” Is Free to Play Now

"Rainbow Six Siege" Is Free to Play Now

“Rainbow Six Siege” Is Free to Play Now

Hello there. You’re looking well. Are you looking for something to do on the weekend? Are you tired of paying high prices for drinks in crowded bars? I feel you.

The novelty of going back to bars and clubs has worn off. I am ready to go back to my home and resume my hermitic duties. You might feel the same. Ubisoft’s tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege is available for free download right now, but it will be limited in time.

Ubisoft announced the free weekend on its website. The exact start time of the weekend depends on the platform and your location. However, the short version is that it’s available across all platforms. This means that you can access the free weekend on any platform as long as your console has a PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, or Xbox One.

Rainbow Six Siege is available for download on all platforms. The free weekend will last until September 14, though some platforms and regions may end it earlier. I’m not sure why they’ve made it this way, but you can check out the full details on what starts and ends when over on Ubisoft’s website.

For PC users, you can follow the link above to download the trial. Download the trial for Xbox and PlayStation users from their restricted console storefronts. You don’t have to miss any content during the free weekend. All maps and modes can be played with all operators, and your progress will be saved if you decide not to buy the game after the weekend. Enjoy!

“Rainbow Six Siege” Is Free to Play Now
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