Review of 'Live A Live: A Timeless Epic for Nintendo Switch

Review of ‘Live A Live: A Timeless Epic for Nintendo Switch

Review of 'Live A Live: A Timeless Epic for Nintendo Switch

Review of ‘Live A Life: A Timeless Epic for Nintendo Switch

Timeless. This is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Live a Live. It’s amazing to see how these different plotlines, spanning from Prehistory through Distant Future, all come together to create an epic tale about overcoming evil in all its forms.

This HD-2D RPG offers a variety of characters from different eras, as I said in our preview. Each chapter places you in the shoes of a hero fighting against an evil force. You are initially presented with seven scenarios. However, you have the option to choose which order they occur.

There are also traditional RPG settings, like the Near Future setting in which you play an orphan with psychic abilities and must defeat an evil corporation. This section involves you exploring a beautiful, futuristic city. You’ll talk to NPCs, collect items, and fight enemies in grid-based/turn-based battles.

There are also less common stories, such as the Present Day story of a man who dreams to be the greatest fighter in the world, a la Street Fighter. This chapter eliminates all the exploration and instead presents a series of fights you must win to earn credits.

This flexibility keeps the game interesting for long periods. Even if things change slightly, your play style will also change. The Imperial China story has you going out as a martial arts master that can defend himself against any opponent. The Distant Future scenario, on the other hand, has you as a small robot that must avoid confrontation to survive.

Each chapter is great and should be included in this epic adventure through time. However, I recommend saving frequently to avoid big-time losses when you lose battles. This was what happened most often in the Twilight of Edo chapter, so you might try something else.

Prehistory is particularly charming. This story is charming and funny without using any written dialogue. You play the role of Pogo, a green-haired, caveman. Gori, your ape friend, must join you on a mission to rescue a friend from a hostile tribe. This plot is based on only pictures and expressions. It will grab you as quickly as a cartoon.

It’s hard not to think of Live a Live when you consider Chrono Trigger, the recent remasters, and early Final Fantasy titles. There are many similarities, and they are not unwelcome. Every title listed here is fantastic. Live quickly establishes itself to be unique.

The ambitions of this game are extraordinary. It is amazing how it changes the chapters of the formula, especially considering that this game was released in Japan in 1994. It’s difficult not to be inspired by the creative vision displayed here. This is a topic for another day.

The music is another great feature. Each chapter is different, but each one is just as elegant as the previous. From the classic influences of the Imperial China story to the Near Future’s bombastic, funky Go! Go! Steel Titan! It’s non-stop bangers, from beginning to end.

Review of ‘Live A Live: A Timeless Epic for Nintendo Switch
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