Sims 4 player completes game's most annoying challenge

Sims 4 player completes game’s most annoying challenge

Sims 4 player completes game's most annoying challenge

Sims 4 player completes the game’s most annoying challenge.

They also love collecting things, even when they aren’t creating stunning recreations of the Love Island Villa or having werewolf graduation ceremony.

This love doesn’t end with bringing together as many Keanu reeves clones as possible, as one player recently demonstrated.

This intrepid individual put on his gardening gloves and picked up their best hoe. He has amassed a horticulture hoard which can only be found at garden centres.

One Sims Player has shown they have the ultimate green fingers

This remarkable agrarian accomplishment is the subject of a thread on the subreddit, r/thesims. It began with a Quinnie-TheGardener post that featured an image of their collection and captioned it: “I’ve done… the most tedious & annoying collectible challenge… I’ve gathered every plant!”

A horde from fellow players asked where Quinnie-TheGardener had gotten the display vases featured on the image of the botanical collection. The answer was that both the shelf and vase were custom content.

Sonnidaez, user, suggested that vases be included in the base game. Subspaceculture pointed out that it is possible to do this via the floral designer table.

Other people congratulated Quinnie The-Gardener for his achievement. Moonlight_Muse wrote: “Congratulations! It takes forever. This was what I did and I built a greenhouse to keep in my library to be able to purchase any plant I wanted.” RayneBeauRhode added: “This is so satisfying.”

User spoopyspoop6969 also asked the question. Quinnie-TheGardener replied, “I get too attached to my Sims so if my original would die I would’ve just stopped this challenge. So I made her immortal, but I would love to do this alongside a legacy challenge.”

Steelcry shared with us that they are currently engaged in this type of legacy challenge. He said: “Each generation will pick up different items and complete them.” I just finished frogs. Before that, it was fish. Next generation will be Moonwood Mills werewolf collecting artifacts.

No matter how skilled a Sims collection you are, we will keep you updated with new content that is available for you to purchase.

Sims 4 player completes game’s most annoying challenge
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