Sonic Colors: Ultimate Makes Playful Nods to Speedrunners
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Sonic Colors: Ultimate Makes Playful Nods to Speedrunners

Sonic Colors: Ultimate Makes Playful Nods to Speedrunners

After 10 years of being one ofSonic’sThe Nintendo Wii’s best titles are still available. The Ultimate ColorsThe Nintendo-exclusive title will be released on other platforms with a new coat of paint. The game features a new Wisp and Metal Sonic Rival Rush Mode. Tails Save feature some fans wondered if speedrunning glitches would be fixed so they could live normal lives. Blind Squirrel Entertainment has provided Early Access copies, and players have had the opportunity to play the game. The skips are still possible.

Sonic Colors came out back in 2010. The speedrunning community has been trying to beat the game since then. Critically set the world record for the original Wii version of Sonic Colors at 55 minutes 56 seconds just nine months ago. The current rankings allow those who can play the most up-to-date version of the game to take pride in their achievements.

You can see in videos how to speedrun players test the tactics. However, Tails has certain lines that play when skips activate. Tails in Colors voice actor Kate Higgins was brought back to record lines as fans ran through the stages. Tails might say, “What just happened?” if gamers misuse a Wisp to move around the stage improperly. Or “Sonic! I don’t believe we should be here.”

These lines are not compatible with many other situations. They activate only when players step outside of the bounds. This is a common skip glitch that speedrunners use to avoid. This is a nice addition to Sonic Colors: Ultimate. Speedrunners found that some tricks are now more difficult to perform because the jump height has been improved.

Fans still praise the new jump height adjustments, even though games don’t often acknowledge them. If glitches are not acknowledged, they rarely get fixed.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate Makes Playful Nods to Speedrunners
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