The Evil Dead Movies: From Worst to Best
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The Evil Dead Movies: From Worst to Best

The Evil Dead Movies: From Worst to Best

The Evil Dead Movies: From Worst to Best

An Evil Dead marathon is going to be a lot of fun, from beginning to end. This is because the four films in the franchise are all included, as well as the extraordinary, wonderfully nasty, and almost freaking perfect Ash Vs. Evil Dead, are quite good. We are now in a film series that has blown our minds on two levels, starting with The Evil Dead (1981).

One is that the horror series’ bloody, gutsy core spawned sequels. A TV series, a comic book series, games, and an impending reboot/remake. While most franchises will experience a decrease in returns, Evil Dead has done well. The films are loved by fans, and the TV series is among the top in its genre. Evil Dead is unlike almost any other horror franchise, especially in the -specific realm of horror.

The challenge is to rank four excellent movies against each other. These films are in a tight race to be the best. This is important to remember when comparing these films. Let’s compare the Evil Dead films from worst to greatest, if everything is groovy.

It all began with a short film. After the success of their DIY horror film, Sam Raimi, Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell and a small group of creative young people were able to gather enough momentum to create and complete the full-length Evil Dead movie. It is messy and sometimes awkward. The Evil Dead is one of the most memorable horror films of all time.

It’s a simple story: A group of kids who love to have fun, go to a cabin in the woods, and spend a weekend there before they descend into hell. The Evil Dead is one of the most influential films of the 1980s, and it was released in the same year.

The Evil Dead series has a unique combination of humor and extreme cartoon violence. Although the Evil Dead has the most violent entry on this list, its sense of humor is not as sharp as it could be later. These characteristics keep the film just short of being as satisfying and enjoyable as Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness. This film is easy to understand and some prefer its brutality.


These characters, including Ashley “Ash”, a young actress (Bruce Campbell) who shows the charm that will help this character in future sequels, aren’t very interesting. A talented and passionate cast is having far too much fun to care about the plot or characters. This is a bloodbath that combines low-budget style and ambition. The Evil Dead’s captivating moments are only two. Although the special effects aren’t spectacular, you will be amazed at how Raimi and his team managed to accomplish so much with so little.

Although it’s been more than 40 years since The Evil Dead stunned audiences and made some careers, it still has a lot of power to shock and amaze, if at all.

It’s rare to find a remake of Evil Dead that’s as good or better than the original. The 2013 Evil Dead reboot/remake is one of a few. We don’t get the same sense of humor Raimi and co brought to the proceedings by focusing on the remake of Evil Dead. However, we are getting a movie clearly made in respect of Raimi’s 1981 film. Evil Dead takes much of its story and heart from this film, and the movie is at least as good as its inspiration.

This time, the story concerns a young drug addict (an exceptional Jane Levy) being taken to a cabin in the woods but her well-meaning-but-not-super-bright friends. Good actors who play fun characters have been a benefit of Evil Dead movies. This movie is no exception, with strong performances from Elizabeth Blackmore and Shiloh Fernandez.

Evil Dead’s basic premise is an excellent example of a film that operates within familiar backdrops, while also looking for ways to really freshen up the story. This movie is a classic in this series. The carnage escalates when the demons get in way of a dry-out. Evil Dead is able to create its own monsters in a variety of ways, as it has done repeatedly.

Evil Dead is a terrifying horror movie with strong tension and an unshakeable atmosphere of destruction and chaos. The film’s visuals are a tribute to its forefathers’ desire for wild, violent, and mean-spirited entertainment. In 1981, Evil Dead combined these qualities in such a creative way that the film became an expression of deranged joy. It is amazing to see how Evil Dead expanded upon this concept in 2013.

Even if you end up watching this film first, it’s still a great way to start off. It can be fun to compare and contrast the films. You’re still seeing one of the most entertaining Evil Dead films, even if you don’t care.

The Evil Dead Movies: From Worst to Best
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