It is not easy to stay alive in The Forest. One of the many cannibalistic mutants in The Forest will get you through hunger and dehydration. These are the challenging moments that will be with you throughout your game. It’s a good idea to have some console commands and cheats to help you through them.

Console commands and cheats for Forest include the traditional god-mode, as well as other options that make it easier to cut down trees or create desired items and creatures. These may affect your achievements and save games, so be aware before you use them.

The Forest Console commands and cheats

Although you won’t immediately be able to access The Forest console commands or cheats, it’s not difficult to do so. After starting the game, type “developer mode on,” leaving out the quotes.

You can now toggle the console by pressing Z or F1 to turn it off. You can cycle through commands that you have used before, and the up and down arrows allow you to navigate between them. The left and right arrows help you edit cheats that you’ve entered.

Below is a list of useful console commands and cheats that can be used to get The Forest’s wiki. For most commands, you can substitute “on” for “off” or vice versa to achieve the opposite effect.

    • A fast start on – This allows you to skip the initial plane crash sequence
    • Survival – Allows you to survive elements such as the need for food or water
    • Buildhack On – Allows for quick building and unlimited resource mobilization
    • godmode on – Enables invincibility
    • Add all items – All non-story items are added to the add all items
    • Addallstoryitems – All story items added
    • Add item (ID number). – This adds an item to the specified ID
    • Builder mode on – This allows you to build hack and god mode. It also disables survival mode. Removes enemies. Adds all items, except story ones.
    • item hack on – Makes it impossible for you to run out of items that you already have
    • Save – Saves your game no matter where you are
    • Allies off – Removing all enemies
    • For certain heavy – Weather changes to heavy rain
    • For certain sunny – Changes the weather to sunny
    • Cutdown Trees (percentage/number – Reduces a specified percentage or number of trees
    • lightingtimeofdayoverride morning/noon/sunset/night/off – Changes game lighting to specified time until turned off
    • addClothingByID (ID number) – Adds clothing item to specified ID
    • kill all animals – Kills all animals but doesn’t stop them from resembling themselves
    • Name of the spawn animal – The specific animal that spawns.
    • Birds off – Turns birds
    • Animals off – Turns animals off
    • Veganmode on – Enemies are only found in caves
    • Kill All Enemies – Get rid of all enemies
    • Killallworms – All worms killed
    • Spawns End Boss – spawn enemy girl
    • Killendboss: End boss killed
    • spawn mutant (name) – Spawns specified mutant type
    • Name spawn enemy – Spawns a specific enemy type
    • set stat Health/Stamina/Energy/Sanity/Fullness (number) – Sets specified stat to specified number
    • cutgrass (radius number – Cuts grass within a specified radius of you
  • revealcavemap – See the entire map

Hopefully, these console commands and cheats will make it easier to avoid cannibals or other perils. The Forest has been released on PC and PS4. Another sequel, Sons of the Forest, is in development.

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