The Hundred Creates Minecraft Cricket Stadia in Space

The Hundred Creates Minecraft Cricket Stadia in Space

The Hundred Creates Minecraft Cricket Stadia in Space

Since its inception, Minecraft has been a world where anything is possible. Microsoft’s blocky universe, whether you’re building a beautiful house or heading to Cambridge University, is, for many, the best sandbox.

Given that you can create anything you want, a group of Minecraft enthusiasts came together to build a space-age stadium with The Hundred, the UK’s 100-ball cricket tournament. This was to make the game more exciting for those who don’t have the time or energy to wait for the rain to declare the match a draw.

It is a tremendously unique project and is currently the only fan-built cricket field on Minecraft. If you want to compete against the Space Bowl, it’s best to get yours started!

Giant Cricket Stadium built by Minecraft’s Hundred Fans

Ten children submitted their designs to Issy Woong, Birmingham Phoenix, and England’s fast-medium bowler. There were also senior members of The Hundred staff. These are some very discerning eyes.

It turned out quite well. The entrants were between 7 and 16 years old, and each had their ideas for the stadium design. All of these have been included in the final Space Bowl. We can only hope that the technology will be able to turn this Minecraft stadium into a reality.

It’s as simple as putting it between Earth & Mars. The video below gives a brief overview of the stadium. You can also download it to see it in action. The blueprints of the Space Bowl are available to view, showing future architects’ designs in their original form.

Issy Wong, a professional cricketer and judge commented on the competition. She said: “It has been amazing to see the levels of creativity from this competition. We have seen submissions that exceeded our wildest dreams, and the final building is truly a landmark cricket stadium.

The block building project’s cost of 1.3 million dollars was a huge success. One parent said, “We are thrilled that Samuel’s design was selected as one of our winners.”

The Hundred Creates Minecraft Cricket Stadia in Space
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