Even though you don’t have any pesky humans to worry about, creating a stable beaver colony in Timberborn can be difficult. The city builder demands that you pay attention to many things. This is why console commands are essential and cheat handy.

Timberborn’s console commands, and cheats, are secured behind its developer console. It is slightly more complicated than its peers. This console is available by default but will not respond to a simple press of the tilde keys. Alt + Shift+ Z/X is the best combination for fiddling with powers you don’t need, as discovered by a Reddit user.

Timberborn Console Commands & Cheats

Once you have pressed the keys above, Timberborn’s console commands will appear on the left side. You can click one to access them. These are the available options:

    • Camera State: Restore – Restores the camera position saved
    • Camera State: Save – Saves the camera position
    • Camera: FOV– Reduces the field of vision
    • Camera: FOV + – Increases field of view
    • Camera: Free mode – Allows you to take a free picture
    • Camera: Move the clip plane further – This moves the clip plane farther away
    • Camera: Move the clip plane towards you – Move the clip plane closer
    • Camera: Lower the camera by moving the target down
    • Camera: Move the Target up – Increases the camera
    • Dump Mesh Metrics – Effects unclear
    • Highlight resource reproduction spots – Effects unclear
    • You monster! – 30% of the population killed – 30% of your beavers are killed
    • Kill selected beaver [DEL] – Kills highlighted beaver
    • Metrics: Reset – Effects unclear
    • Metrics: Write on disk – Uncertain Effects
    • Sky: Toggle fog – Turns fog on/off
    • Soil moisture: reset – Resets soil moisture
    • Speed x30 [4] – 30 times game speed
    • Speed x99 [5] – 99 times game speed
    • Toggle drought – Enables/disables dryness
    • Toggle GC – Effects unclear
    • Toggle models: Beavers – Toggles beaver models on/off
    • Toggle models for Buildings – Toggles buildings off/on
    • Toggle models – Natural resources – Toggles natural resources on/off
    • Toggle models: Terrain – Toggles terrain on/off
    • Models: Toggle water – Toggles water off/on
    • Toggle nav mesh – Effects unclear
    • Water simulation: Reset simulation
    • Water simulation: Reset speed-Reset water simulation speed
    • Water simulation: x10-10 times faster
  • Water simulation: x3 to 3 times faster

Apart from the Timberborn console commands, cheats, listed above, you can also access a few new buttons that allow you to spawn beavers and place water sources, ruin or barriers, instant complete a building and delete various objects.

This is what we know about Timberborn console commands, and cheats. Our article on water dump will provide more information.

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