Tsukimichi Season 2 - Everything to Consider

Tsukimichi Season 2 – Everything to Consider

Tsukimichi Season 2 - Everything to Consider

Tsukimichi Season 2 – Everything to Consider


Since Tsukimichi-Moonlit Fantasy-‘s premiere in 2021, fans have eagerly anticipated its second season. Makoto’s unique journey through Goddess World provides a welcome break from typical Isekai stories; often protagonists are set out as heroes who battle powerful demons – not so with Tsukimichi where Makoto’s more passive role fits seamlessly within this fantasy setting and adds its unique flavor.

How will Makoto’s actions impact the Goddesses World further in Tsukimichi: Season 2? Here is all the latest information you’ll need.

When Will Tsukimichi: Season 2 Be Available?

Unfortunately, Tsukimichi: Season 2’s release date hasn’t been officially announced as of yet; similarly you cannot use previous season production timeline as an accurate guide as Season 1 was released within one year after announcement; Tsukimichi Season 2 however was announced late 2021 and 2023 is already here! One indication of its delayed arrival could be its 16 second teaser released so far.

Fans speculate the show could debut between late 2023-2024; stay tuned for official announcements or updates!

What Does Tsukimichi: Season 2 Represent?

Tsukimichi light novels remain the main source material, though unfortunately no official English translation exists yet. Manga and web novel adaptations provide translations so fans can predict Tsukimichi: Season 2.


Season 1 of the anime concludes around chapters 56-58 from the manga; due to rearranged events it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly which chapter it ended on. Going forward chapters will feature Makoto continuing his efforts at building community while opening his shop formally beginning his merchanting business career.

Makoto will teach at the academy as a mage trainer, helping his pupils achieve top level magery abilities.

Season 2 will likely provide us with our first proper introduction of two other heroes sent by the Goddess; Tomoki Iwahashi and Hibiki Otonashi made brief cameo appearances during Episode 12’s flashback scene; these characters had earlier appeared in their manga counterpart but their events didn’t make the anime cut.

Note that manga and web novels vary considerably; hence it will remain to be seen if an anime will follow either style. Only time will tell.

Which Studio Is Producing Tsukimichi Season 2?

Although confirmed, Tsukimichi: Season 2’s production details remain under wraps at present. Numerous companies collaborated in co-producing Season 1, yet we don’t yet know whether all will also take part in Season 2. Mainichi Broadcasting System, Nippon Television Network Tokyo MX Medicos Entertainment Nichion A-Sketch DMM Pictures BS NTV AQUA ARIS NetEase AlphaPolis and AlphaPolis all played roles while C2C handled animation duties on its original debut season 1.

Where To Watch Tsukimichi
Crunchyroll and Bilibili provide access for viewers worldwide, while Ani-One Asia YouTube Channel legally distributes anime such as Tsukimichi.

Once Tsukimichi: Season 2 arrives, these services are expected to provide it first.

Tsukimichi Season 2 – Everything to Consider
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