Valheim’s world can be brutal. There is danger around every corner, and death loves to surprise you. If you need to manage your server better or avoid getting killed, you can use the Valheim console commands and cheats.

Valheim’s console command gives server owners some extra tools to help them decide who can join and who cannot. Cheats are only available in single-player mode and provide additional powers that can be difficult to acquire through traditional methods or don’t belong in your arsenal. Cheats can have unexpected effects on your game, so we recommend backing up your data before activating them.

Valheim Console Commands

To activate the in-game console, you will need to right-click Valheim in your Steam Library, left-click Properties, and then add –the console to the Launch Options box.

The Valheim’s console can be accessed by pressing F5 in-game. This does not activate cheats but will give you access to the below server commands. When entering the commands, do not use square brackets.

    • ping – Shows server latency.
    • kick [name/IP/userID] – Kicks specified user
    • ban [name/IP/userID] — Bans the specified user
    • unban [ip/userID] Unbans specified users
    • ban – Displays a complete list of banned users
    • lobbies [number]- Draw distance to a specified value
    • Help – Displays all available server commands (not including cheats).
    • debug mode – Enables the following options. B – Free building; Z-flying; K – Kills nearby enemies
  • out terrain – Converts existing terrain that has been heavily modified to a new system, introduced in update 0.150.3

Vilhelm Cheats

Vilhelm cheats are only available in single-player, as mentioned previously. After you have opened the console with F5, you will need to activate them and type “devcommands” in the search box without quotes marks. When you get the message “Cheats True,” you can use the following commands. As with the commands above, you can remove the brackets from the text.

    • god – Enables god mode
    • Ghost – Your enemies ignore you
    • Heal – Heal you
    • Killall – Kills enemies nearby
    • Teleport to the coordinates you want by clicking on [x,z]
    • Raising skill [skillName] [amount]: Raises skill name by a set amount
    • Resetskill [skillName]- Returns skill to 0.
    • puke – Resets hunger and changes stamina to default values
    • Tame eligible animals nearby
    • Resetcharacter – This resets inventory and characters
    • Explore map – Clears the fog of war
    • Remap – Adds fog to war
    • Freefly – Get a free camera
    • Wind [angle] [intensity]- Determines wind angle and intensity
    • Rewind – This resets wind intensity and angle.
    • Random event – Starts an event
    • spawn [item number#93] [amount#93] – Spawning a specified amount of the named item
    • help – Shows available server commands (including cheats)
  • Sleep – Skip to the next day

Valheim’s console commands are covered. Also, check out our guides for mining or the swamp key.

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