What could a September Nintendo Direct Announcement look like?

Giant Bomb host Jeff Grubb, #3 Games Journalist, stated earlier this week on his Last Of The Nintendogs podcast that the launch of a Nintendo Direct in September. This isn’t a shocking surprise. For the past five years, we have had a September Direct each year. Although it’s not unusual for Nintendo to break with tradition, we can assume it will happen. Nintendo is making fools out of us all by expecting it to happen.

VGC reports that the two announcements for the upcoming show are The Legend of Zelda HD and The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. These two games, which were remastered for Wii U, have not yet made the switch to join their Wii U brothers. It makes sense to release some Zelda-related content this year, as Breath Of The Wild’ssequel was once in the works.

It’s challenging to guess beyond that. Splatoon3 is likely to have just been released when we expect this Direct. This means there may be some information about Splatfests and possibly something to do with DLC. However, I don’t anticipate much time being devoted to it. Another Nintendo rumour is that there might be a Metroid Prime remake, as mentioned in the VGC Report. This could go well with the trailer for the Metroid Prime4.

Bayonetta3 is just a month away, so maybe we are due for one more trailer or feature. Another rumour concerns a new Fire Emblem title, which was supposed to have leaked screenshots a few months back. Three Hopes was released two months ago. However, as a Warriors spinoff, it is unlikely to impact an actual Fire Emblem turn-based game.

Everyone always wants the ones like F-Zero, Rhythm Heaven, or something similar. Directs can be a source of great hope, but they also come with some disappointments. I hope they finally launch Everybody’s 1-2 Switch.

What could a September Nintendo Direct Announcement look like?
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