10 Games Like Dead Island 2 You Should Play

10 Games Like Dead Island 2 You Should Play

10 Games Like Dead Island 2 You Should Play

10 Games Like Dead Island 2 You Should Play

Who doesn’t enjoy a good zombie-bashing game, especially one as bloody and gore-focused as Dead Island 2? Although the long-awaited sequel to Techland’s original Dead Island promises quite the experience for zombie slaying fans everywhere, it is far from being the first or only game in this genre. In fact, some may suggest that gaming in general has become oversaturated with zombie titles, making it hard to pinpoint worthwhile options like Dead Island 2.

This list of ten titles is more than just a compilation of copycats of Techland’s zombie adventure. While some may look and feel similar, others simply share its foundational framework – from effective undead use to slow combat and RPG elements – with other games. If you want to diversify your library while staying true to games like Dead Island 2, take some time out to try any one of these options!

10. Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned Criminal Origins
Developer: Monolith Productions
Publisher: Sega

Condemned was an Xbox 360 launch title that set the bar for future first-person shooters. Beautifully dark and moody, it follows FBI agent Ethan Thomas as he investigates a rise in serial killers. While there’s an engaging story here, what really hooked players was its intense combat – Ethan has access to firearms but prefers using his fists and objects pulled from his environment instead.

Condemned is a grim experience that emphasizes melee combat with killers and vagrants turning the city into a playground for the wicked. Ethan takes occasional breaks for some forensic work, but it’s always back to throwing punches and jump scares. At times it feels like Condemned served as an early blueprint for games like Dead Island 2, swapping out run-n-gun shooting for calculated hand-to-hand combat.

9. BioShock 1

BioShock 1
Developer: 2K Boston
Publisher: 2K Games

Rapture is far from being the idyllic island it seems; instead of zombies it has Splicers–demented citizens driven mad by their addiction to ADAM. Players can use ADAM strategically by spending it on Plasmids that increase in power over time. But how you obtain ADAM poses a moral quandry: do you take advantage of innocent Little Sisters by forcibly taking away their ADAM for greater gains, or take a more sympathetic approach and sacrifice more for less?

Though similarities between BioShock and Dead Island may be subtle, both games share an RPG element and clumsier combat system. BioShock requires you to plan your battles or else risk succumbing to Splicers in both games; additionally, both share a theme of paradise gone that unites them both.

8. Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo
Developer: Tango Gameworks
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Here, we’re moving from zombies to ghosts – but some of the fundamentals from Dead Island remain. Ghostwire is a first-person shooter that utilizes an innovative combat system in order to exterminate the spirits that have overtaken Tokyo. While you can certainly feel some influence from Dead Island here and there, Ghostwire takes its own enjoyable path.

Players take control of Akito, a young boy who finds himself alone against an army of evil spirits. When one spirit takes possession of his right hand, Akito gains the power to extinguish this threat. Ghostwire’s combat director Shinichiro Hara describes it as “karate meets magic,” and that description rings true; different hand movements cast different spells that weaken and ultimately destroy ghosts – like wielding a proton pack at your fingertips!

7. Zombi

Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
Publisher: Ubisoft

One year after Dead Island’s release, Wii U owners were treated to their own slow-paced zombie FPS called ZombiU. This permadeath system emphasised the survival element of living in a zombie apocalypse, though far from being exact replica of Dead Island, ZombiU’s gameplay had some similarities with Techland’s undead adventure.

Players in an overrun London use whatever weapons they can find, from cricket bats to firearms, in order to survive. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for someone to become zombie fodder and all progress is lost; you may recover any items collected as a next survivor but don’t expect the zombies to take it easy on you.

6. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus
Developer: 4A Games
Publisher: Deep Silver

Exodus, the third installment in the beloved Metro series, expands upon its predecessors by opening up the radioactive world for less linear exploration. Artyom ventures away from Moscow to search for long-lost civilizations.

Many of the mechanics from the series return, such as weapon crafting. But Exodus takes things to another level by creating a world that feels alive – complete with dynamic weather patterns, day-night cycle and shifting environments that give you an impression of being part of something bigger than yourself – a significant shift from earlier adventures which felt more claustrophobic.


Artyom still faces a human threat, as well as an array of demons. Combat stays true to Dead Island’s signature sluggish style which was meant to counteract the often arcade-style experience other shooters offer.

5. Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2
Developer: Tripwire Interactive
Publisher: Tripwire Interactive

One of the greatest aspects of Dead Island was customizing your character through skill tree upgrades. Each character had their own unique tree, providing endless replayability. Though Killing Floor 2 offers more excitement and speed than its predecessor, its expansive skill tree and makeshift weaponry feel like a throwback to Techland’s zombie adventure–with some game-changing twists included!

In Killing Floor 2, players take on hordes of monstrosities using an assortment of fun and brutal weapons. Unfortunately, for every powerful weapon on the battlefield, there’s usually a much bigger threat that makes it look insignificant. The appeal of Killing Floor 2 lies in its numbers – whether six players work together cooperatively against massive waves, or 12 go head-to-head in six on six human vs monster PvP matches.

4. No More Room in Hell

Game Description: No More Room in Hell
Developer: No More Room in Hell Team
Publisher: Lever Games

Sometimes the best things come from within; No More Room in Hell was born out of a Half-Life 2 mod and quickly evolved into an amazing zombie survival shooter that emphasizes teamwork and realism. Drawing inspiration from George Romero’s of the Dead series, No More Room in Hell places heavy emphasis on human element as well as actual threat posed by zombies – one bite and you’re instantly part of their horde! And if that happens to you, do you warn your team and risk drastic action or secretly search for cure while hoping none materialize?

Wave-based shooter Dead Island features base defense, multiple ways to slay zombies, and various zombie types for added excitement. Each map is dynamic so it’s harder to memorize or strategize before each round starts; ammo is scarce so melee combat is prioritized – something fans of Dead Island enjoy greatly.

3. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Saints and Sinners
Creator: Skydance Interactive
Publisher: Skydance Interactive

The Walking Dead universe was primed and ready for a gripping zombie shooter, yet several developers failed to deliver what Skydance Interactive achieved with Saints & Sinners. Despite being virtual reality, Saints & Sinners avoids feeling gimmicky and really drives immersion through decision-making, stealthy zombie slaying, and scavenging.

The game runs on a day/night cycle, and with each passing day the undead horde grows exponentially. You have human foes to contend with too, who often draw more walkers than they can handle. Although you may make allies along the way, once they leave their walls it’s just you and all those wandering zombies. With limited ammo and limited room for supplies, each trip into town needs careful consideration – one slip-up and you’ll become zombie fodder – something far worse than expected!

2. Left 4 Dead 2

LEft 4 Dead 2
Developer: Valve
Publisher: Valve

Are you surprised to see Left 4 Dead 2 on a list of zombie games? It’s become the go-to experience, and will remain so until Valve transports us into another timeline where Left 4 Dead 3 exists. In this co-op shooter, speed is key as waves of generic and mutant zombies always follow you around the corner – there are no heroes here; trying to reach safety without using exploits will guarantee your demise.

Left 4 Dead 2 is a classic zombie experience that puts the undead at its forefront. There is no human threat except your team’s incompetence, and any respites in action only serve to provide a break before an epic fight awaits you. While co-op and melee elements are all that connects Dead Island to Left 4 Dead 2, if you enjoy basshing zombies then this latter title should definitely be on your list.

1. Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2
Developer: Techland
Publisher: Techland

After the success of Dead Island, Techland created Dying Light; a zombie FPS that emphasizes fast-paced traversal rather than the slower movements criticised in Dead Island. Although Dying Light went more action-heavy and introduced an even more vicious threat, it still utilized the framework used for Dead Island.

Dying Light 2 improved upon some of its predecessor’s shortcomings but largely provided the same experience. While not available from the start, co-op mode unlocks as the story progresses – and that’s when Dying Light 2 really starts to shine. As both Dead Island and Dying Light proved, bashing zombies is more enjoyable with friends! If you haven’t played Dying Light 2, definitely try to squeeze it in before Dead Island 2 releases; even if it’s too late, having this great zombie game on hand will always remain an excellent choice.

10 Games Like Dead Island 2 You Should Play
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