3DMark (Advanced Edition)
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3DMark (Advanced Edition) APK Download Latest Version For Android

3DMark (Advanced Edition) APK Download Latest Version For Android

3DMark (Advanced Edition) APK Download Latest Version For Android

About this software: 3DMark (Advanced Edition).

3DMark provides everything you need for benchmarking your hardware. It offers a wide variety of benchmarks that allow you to test everything, from tablets and notebooks to 4K gaming PCs.

3DMark is for gamers and overclockers who want to get maximum performance from their hardware. 3DMark Advanced Edition includes all tests, settings and features.

3DMark allows for better benchmarking

Every time
It’s easy to find the best test for your computer with 3DMark. 3DMark scans your computer and recommends the most suitable benchmark.

Select your tests
3DMark is growing every year with new test. You can select the tests that you want when you purchase 3DMark on Steam.

Hardware Monitoring
You can see detailed charts that show how CPU and GPU temperatures, clock speeds and frame rates changed during your benchmark run.

Custom settings
With custom benchmark settings, you can explore your computer’s performance limits. You can make the tests more difficult or easier by changing the resolution or other settings.

DirectX 12 Benchmark Tests

Time Spy DirectX 12 benchmarks Windows 10 PCs
Time Spy’s DirectX 12 engine is the perfect benchmark to test the DirectX 12 performance on modern gaming PCs. Time Spy Extreme is the first 4K DirectX 12 benchmark testing tool in the world. It’s ideal for testing the latest high-end graphics cards as well as new processors with 8 cores or more.

Night Raid- DirectX 12 test to integrate graphics
Night Raid is a DirectX 12 benchmark that tests and compares PCs with integrated graphics or Always Connected computers powered by Windows 10 on ARM. This test is ideal for tablets, laptops, and other mobile computing devices.

Port Royal Real-time Ray Tracing Benchmark
3DMark Port Royal is the first global real-time raytracing benchmark for gamers. Port Royal is used to compare and test the real-time Raytracing performance of graphics card that support Microsoft DirectX Raytracing.

DirectX 11 Benchmark Tests

Fire Strike- High-Performance Gaming PCs
Fire Strike is a DirectX 11 benchmark that showcases high-performance gaming computers. Fire Strike can be used to test dedicated gaming computers, Fire Strike Extreme is for high-end systems that have multiple GPUs (Crossfire/SLI), and Fire Strike Ultra will determine if your computer is ready for 4K gaming.


Sky Diver: Gaming laptops and mid-range computers
Sky Diver is a DirectX 11 benchmark. It is perfect for testing mainstream and mobile graphics cards as well as integrated graphics.

DirectX Legacy Benchmark Tests

Cloud Gate allows you to compare the performance of older notebooks or home computers with DirectX 10 compatible hardware. Ice Storm Extreme and Ice Storm Extreme are available to compare DirectX 9 compatible tablets and notebooks.

Feature Tests

NVIDIA DLS feature test – Compare DLSS performance with image quality
Deep Learning Super Sampling is an NVIDIA RTX technology which uses deep learning and AI to enhance game performance while maintaining high visual quality. This feature test allows you to compare image quality and performance with or without DLSS.

API Overhead test – Compare the most recent graphics APIs
3DMark API Overhead is the first independent test to compare the performance of DirectX 12 and Vulkan. Find out how many draw calls your computer can handle with each API before your frame rate drops below 30 FPS.

Stress tests

Verify the stability of your system
After building or upgrading your PC or overclocking your GPU, stress testing can be a great way to test the stability and reliability of your system. A stress test can identify problems with hardware or the need to have better cooling.

Main features

  • It is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge.
  • All types of computers, including desktops and tablets, can be used
  • All benchmarks, stress and feature tests included.
  • With custom runs, you can explore your PC’s performance limits.
  • Hardware monitoring graphs in depth
  • Save your results offline automatically

Demo features

  • You can test your computer with Time Spy and Night Raid, Fire Strike or Sky Diver, Cloud Gate or Ice Storm.
  • Other benchmarks, features and settings cannot be changed.



3DMark (Advanced Edition) APK Download Latest Version For Android
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