A Total War Saga: Troy Mobile iOS/APK Version Download
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A Total War Saga: Troy Mobile iOS/APK Version Download

A Total War Saga: Troy Mobile iOS/APK Version Download

A Total War Saga: Troy Mobile iOS/APK Version Download

What’s Troy all about?

The destiny of the Aegean civilization rests in Troy. Every choice you make will impact the shape and condition of the entire region, from Mount Olympus to Lemnos’ desert regions. You have the chance to relive Troy’s history by playing an original character.

You will experience both the excitement and the devastation that comes with war. This game features historical warriors such as Achilles and Hector. It will take more than just force to resurrect Troy and win. You can play any character, but you must manage a barter system skillfully and appease the gods before you are etched in the history of the trojan war.

Total war saga: Troy is a complex and dense conflict. It’s a mix of old and new ideas. Although the game is in its most advanced stages, some areas still dressed. You can fight against anyone in Troy. Every player prepares to win the battle between east and west. The game’s core is the battle between east and west, regardless of side missions.

It would help if you fought the odds, made alliances with your neighbours or won battles to take control of neighbouring states. Your victories will bring you closer to the main fight at Troy, one step at a time.


Troy is a turn-based strategy board game that incorporates real-time skills and tactics like the other sequels to complete the war saga. The battle of Troy is set in the Bronze Age at the time the Trojan war took place. Some elements from the Aegean civilization civilization turned into this game.

Sandboxes are a great place to see real-time battles. As they battle against other teams, players control their infantries, battle troops, and mystical creatures. There are eight heroes in the game. They represent the Trojans and the archaeans. Each hero from each party has unique abilities that can be used during the game. Players will need to spend some time pleasing the Greek gods as the game progresses. Developers also give a significant role in Greek gods. Players would greatly benefit if their approval ratings were high.

Other than participating in wars and fighting players, it is important to collect resources such as bronze, wood, food, etc. To manage their armies. They will need to fight a lot to gather resources. Enemies will also be trying to get their army’s help. Players can use priests and spies to find facts and information about unidentified people. Multiplayer mode is available. Up to 8 players can be grouped in one team.

Players must kill bulls to appease the Greek gods. In the game’s context, it’s an acceptable sacrifice as these bulls feed on soldiers and humans. Killing bulls decreases the chance of your soldiers being preyed upon by bulls. They are happy and content, and these sacrifices increase the gold level, giving players more rewards and bonuses. In addition, they can recruit new agents and units. The goal is to please as many gods as possible. They will have an advantage in the game.


Armies don’t need just-food. If you’re worried about gathering food for soldiers, you might want to consider other resources. To fund army-building and recruitment, you will need stone, wood and gold. If possible, you should have surpluses. You have the advantage of having a wide range of resources. Even if one help is not available, you can still use other resources to balance it out. This will allow you to continue funding and building more armies.

Features in A Total War Saga: Troy

Troy is the first video game in the award-winning series, which focuses on the legendary war between the Aegeans (or trojans) and Troy. It accurately depicts the conflict between Troy and Mycenaean Greece. This is a stunning game set against the background of the Bronze Age Mediterranean.

Troy is a unique blend of the developer’s ability to combine the turn-based, great empire management with stunning real-time combat. This makes it exactly what players expected. Troy preserves the historical battle from both the Trojan and Greek perspectives. Below are some features of a total war story: Troy. These will blow your mind. Are you ready to be one of the great heroes of the Battle of Troy and win?

  • Iconic Wars

The game features intense battles and wars with vivid graphics. This war featured devastating weapons, destruction, combat mechanism, and other such things. There are also two Aegean heroes: the brave, defensive Ajax from Salamis and the young but fearless Diomedes of Argos.

  • Heroes of Troy

The game has eight trojan heroes, as we have already stated. Any one of these heroes can be taken on by players to lead their respective armies. These heroes are given special abilities and powers. Hector, Achilles and Menelaus are all part of the game.

  • Impressive visuals

Troy’s lifelike visuals are another aspect. The graphics and atmosphere are perfect. The game is beautifully illustrated, from the beautiful campaigns to the pottery patterns.

ATotal War Saga – Troy reconstructs one of the most important histories in the world. Homer’s Iliad inspired the game. This game depicts a historic legacy from the bronze age. Legends, myths and monsters are all part of the game. Developers have magically crafted the historical story of Troy. This allows you to decide the fate of Troy.

How to install A Total War Saga: Troy on Mobile

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A Total War Saga: Troy Mobile iOS/APK Version Download





A Total War Saga: Troy Mobile iOS/APK Version Download
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