ALICE MADNESS Free Mobile Game Download Full Version
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ALICE MADNESS Free Mobile Game Download Full Version

ALICE MADNESS Free Mobile Game Download Full Version

ALICE MADNESS Free Mobile Game Download Full Version

Alice Madness Returns Complete Edition Game 2011 Overview

This second part takes place eleven years after the original. Alice was released from Rutledge Asylum and now lives in London as an orphanage.

She is still traumatized by her memories of her parents’ deaths and seeks the assistance of Dr. Angus Bumby, a psychiatrist, to help her with her mental problems. Alice runs into Witless, an old mental hospital nurse, when she meets a cat walking down the street. Alice attempts to extort money for Alice but suddenly experiences violent visions. She ends up in Wonderland. She is greeted by her old friend, Cheshire Cat, who tells her all about the destruction and change in Wonderland. She tries to stop the destruction in five chapters.

The game briefly fades into Alice’s real life during the transitions between chapters. These events are the triggers that Alice Wonderland uses to see her visions. They also provide the thematic foundation for the next sections.

Six chapters contain many classic Jump ‘n Run elements and struggles. Alice can perform different types of jumps, and with the help of her skirt, she can float over larger abysses. Alice can shrink to reach otherwise impossible areas by using a keyhole. Alice does not see her shrinkage. This makes it difficult to find solutions or invisible platforms.

The player will encounter many opponents along the way, including monstrous versions of familiar characters from the wonderland. Alice can fight them with two melees, ranged weapons, and special weapons like a bomb-shaped rabbit or umbrella.

Complete Edition of Features of Alice Madness:

  • Intense 3rd Person Action. You can upgrade multiple melee weapons to include the powerful Teapot Cannon and the punishing Hobby Horse.
  • Explore A Dark And Shattered Wonderland. You’ll meet familiar characters and strange ones like the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat.
  • Magical Abilities: You can acquire unusual abilities in Wonderland, such as floating in Alice’s gown, shrinking,, or growing taller to defeat enemies.
  • Interactive Puzzles – Intuitive, rewarding puzzles like transforming obstacles, musical memory, and picture blocks.



ALICE MADNESS Free Mobile Game Download Full Version
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