AVORION Free Mobile Game Download Full Version
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AVORION Free Mobile Game Download Full Version

AVORION Free Mobile Game Download Full Version

AVORION Free Mobile Game Download Full Version

Avorion 2017 Overview:

You can explore hundreds of places by using your spaceship. This fun game allows you to travel anywhere in the world.

A cataclysmic disaster nearly tore your galaxy apart several hundred years ago. An insurmountable ring made of hyperspace fabric was created in the middle of the galaxy. This is something that standard hyperspace engines cannot overcome. Since this event, nobody has been able to reach the center of the galaxy. You know that the event created multiple hyperspace rifts that are impossible to overcome throughout the galaxy and that a strange alien race, the Xsotan, has appeared in its center.

Although no one has contacted them, these aliens may have found a way through the hyperspace fabric to reach outer Space. Rumors also abound about a new strange metal called ‘Avorion,’ which appeared in the middle of the galaxy around the same time that the Xsotan arrived. This material is used by the aliens to build their ships.

You start as a nomad at the edge of the galaxy, and you work your way towards the center. This galaxy is more dangerous than it gets but more rewarding once you reach its core. Avorion is a sandbox game that takes elements from Freelancer and X but adds co-op multiplayer and allows you to build your ships. It uses freely-scalable blocks that can be procedurally generated to build ships that are broken into pieces when used in space battles.

Avorion Features:

  • Create Your Fleet
  • Explore unlimited Space
  • You can customize your spaceship with a variety of items
  • Multiplayer Co-op



AVORION Free Mobile Game Download Full Version
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