Bus World Download for Android & IOS,
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Bus World Download for Android & IOS

Bus World Download for Android & IOS,

Bus World Download for Android & IOS


Overview of Bus World

Bus World is a simulation of passenger transport in different conditions. It starts with the average days of a bus driver and ends with the rescue of people affected by disasters. You can enjoy amazing stories set in different scenarios or play the accessible mode, where you can make your routes and travel on the map the way you like. There are many options for the time and place of action! Each map is unique in its atmosphere and scenario. This game offers the unique opportunity to see Chornobyl, Pripyat and the surrounding areas of the Nuclear Power Plant before the disaster. It also allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Soviet communism.

The Chornobyl zone has been made as accurate as possible using photos, videos, maps and videos. This means that critical locations, roads and houses are the same as they appear. Your job is to drive a bus as usual before the explosion. You will be responsible for transporting staff to the Power Plant and tourists to their destinations. You will also have to deal with problems such as breakdowns. When disaster strikes, everything changes. The 4th power unit, Red Forest, and other notable places in Exclusion Zone will be visible. You can help the cleanup crew deal with the effects of the disaster, participate in the evacuation, and try your best not to receive a high dose of radiation.

Bus World Pre-Installed

You are invited to sun-filled jungles and narrow roads with hairpin bends. It would help if you did not lose sight of the harsh weather. There will be tsunamis and floods, earthquakes with rockfall and even a tornado. Driving is difficult due to the many sharp corners, cliffs, and impassable roads. There are three scenarios to choose from: Three types of scenarios can be used to drive people to their destination. 2. Examples of scenarios involving breakdowns. When the engine heats up, keeping up with the schedule can be challenging, and you have to turn it off to cool it.

Sometimes, the terrain can be helpful. For example, if the bus needs to get to the fuel station with a small amount of fuel. To save gas, turn off the engine while you drive down the cliff. 3. There have been many disasters. These include the explosion at Chornobyl’s Power Plant, wildfires and earthquakes, and tornadoes. You’ll need to be alert to avoid being swept into a tornado. It’s not easy despite the rugged roads. Help the cleanup crew find radioactively contaminated areas in the Red Forest after the Chornobyl power plant disaster. Remember that high radiation doses can prove fatal.

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How To Install

Turn Off Your Antivirus Before Installing Any Game

1:: Download the Game
2:: Extract the Game
3:: Launch The Game
4:: Have Fun 🙂


Bus World Download for Android & IOS



Bus World Download for Android & IOS
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