Child of Light free Download PC Game (Full Version)

Child of Light free Download PC Game (Full Version)


Child of Light free Download PC Game (Full Version)

Review of Child of Light

She meets the first character, the firefly Ignikulius. He accompanies her through the ending of the story.Child of Light free downloadDuring passing tests, the main motivator for the girl is her desire to go back to her sick father-duke.She soon realizes that the little world she lives in is in danger due to the fact that the sun and moon were stolen from her by Queen Umbra.Aurora, along with a group of creatures determined to revenge the cruel ruler, fights Umbra and participates in many quests.

Each scene in the game is unique. This will ensure that the player is not bored.It is evident that the creators put a lot of effort into the details to make the game look lively and dynamic.

A cooperative mode in this RPG is also possible. The second player can play as the firefly, and the main heroine will help her overcome all obstacles along the way to Lemuria.This is a great game for an evening, and will be enjoyed by many people considering it was released on the most popular consoles.


System Requirements

  • Windows 7/8 OS
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 @ 2.6% GHz or AMD Athlon IIX2 240@ 2.8GHz
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Graphics: nVidia GeForce8800GT or AMD RadeonHD 2900XT
  • Storage: 3GB


  • Child of Light – The Golems Plight Pack
  • Child of Light – Light Aurora Pack
  • Child of Light – Dark Aurora Pack
  • Child of Light – Rough Oculi Pack
  • Tumbled Oculi pack for Child of Light
  • Child of Light – Faceted Oculi Package
  • Stardust Pack for Child of Light

Repack Features

  • Version: v.1.0.30640.0
  • Tablet (RELOADED).
  • Type: RePack by Z10yded

How to install Child of Light

  1. Deactivate antivirus software He can also delete any files that are not required for the game.
  2. Run the torrent client and download the torrent
  3. Wait for the game load
  4. Start “Setup.exe” from the folder containing the game.
  5. Follow the instructions given by the installer
  6. Enjoy!







Child of Light free Download PC Game (Full Version)
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