CHUCHEL Mobile iOS/APK Version Download
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CHUCHEL Mobile iOS/APK Version Download

CHUCHEL Mobile iOS/APK Version Download

CHUCHEL Mobile iOS/APK Version Download

CHUCHEL 2018 Overview:

This world can be accessed step-by-step by solving many puzzles. Every creature in this world is unique.

CHUCHEL is a comedy adventure from the creators Machinarium and Botanicula. As they attempt to recover the cherry, Chuchel and Kekel will face many puzzles and challenges. The reward? You get a lot of laughs, great situational humor, and wild music and sounds from DVA. Plus cherries!

Amanita Design is a company with a history of excellence and a community of loyal fans. This status comes with a heavy responsibility: to deliver what is expected. It is not a burden, however heavy it may seem. The game is a testament to that, and while it’s unlike any Amanita production, there’s no doubt about its status as a labor of love. CHUCHEL is caught in the delicate balance between Amanita’s trademark traits and the unexpected. Some people seem determined to throw the little creature off its rope and into a pavement bellow; splat.

CHUCHEL’s story is broken up into smaller segments, which is not like Amanita’s other titles. However, this isn’t necessarily bad. The freedom to not work towards a grand finale allows the game to feel fresh at each new scenario.

CHUCHEL Features:

    • Guide Chuchel through an assortment of original puzzles
    • You can find hundreds of animations that are whimsical
    • Stages inspired by classic videogames
  • Enjoy the IGF Award-winning band DVA’s soundtrack



CHUCHEL Mobile iOS/APK Version Download
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