DEAD RISING 2 Full Version Mobile Game
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DEAD RISING 2 Full Version Mobile Game

DEAD RISING 2 Full Version Mobile Game

DEAD RISING 2 Full Version Mobile Game


Dead Rising two is now available for free download. The sequel to the multi-million-selling Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 brings the survival horror to Fortune City. America’s newest entertainment destination.

Dead Rising 2 Install-Games :

Dead Rising2 is a story that features two online multiplayer modes (a 2-player co-op campaign and a 4-player TV show themed Pay-Per-View event pit humans against Zombies) and thousands of on-screen Zombie. This takes zombie survival horror to new heights. Dead Rising two lets players create their weapons by gathering items and then combining them in maintenance rooms spread across the map. You can also unlock ” combination cards,” which reveal weapons that can be combined. Zombie Army Trilogy

Dead Rising 2 Free Download

You are Chuck Greene, and you have 72 hours left to save your daughter from the virus, clear your name, and survive the hordes of hungry Zombies before they invade and destroy the city. You can use everyday items to make deadly combo weapons to kill hungry zombies.

  • You will encounter the undead everywhere, creating an exciting and challenging zombie-killing adventure for you. Weapons can be made to kill large numbers of zombies simultaneously!
  • You can combine two items from your everyday life with duct tape to make the ultimate zombie-killing creation, such as the Portamower or Paddlesaw. Players will have an advantage by unlocking combo cards as they will show you which items are best for each combination.
  • Dead Rising two is better than ever! It adds new combo weapons, multiplayer, and thousands more zombies to the screen at once!
  • Chuck Greene is a new protagonist. He must save his daughter from the virus, clear his name and live 72 hours in Fortune City.


DEAD RISING 2 Full Version Mobile Game



DEAD RISING 2 Full Version Mobile Game
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