Discover How to Construct Your Own Custom PS5 Controller

Discover How to Construct Your Own Custom PS5 Controller

Discover How to Construct Your Own Custom PS5 Controller


In 2020, Sony introduced the DualSense controller for PlayStation 5, ushering in a new era in gaming with features never seen before like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers – plus much more!

Unfortunately, the traditional two-tone controllers no longer meet the needs of some gamers. We want something vibrant, ergonomic and tailored specifically to our gaming requirements. There’s a thriving market out there for people who wish to design their own PS5 controller from scratch.

We’ve identified five companies that can craft and deliver the ideal custom PS5 controller just for you.


– Competitive prices compared to other options
– Excellent customer service
– Speedy delivery timings
Delivery may be expensive outside the UK.

Controller Modz is a UK-based controller modder with an impressive 4.9 star rating on Trustpilot. Their custom controllers start from PS64 and you can choose from various prints or solid/chrome colors for the face plate, touchpad, trim, and back plate.

These color options extend to the buttons and thumbsticks as well. Customers have the option of interchangeable thumbsticks or smart triggers for their FPS games; for an additional $30 you can get Razorback Maxfire or Domin8or/Paddles on the back of your controller for even greater gaming control.

Each controller comes with a 6 months warranty and 14 day money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the service.

– Extensive customization options
– Top-class hardware mods
– Mods that are undetectable by servers

– Subpar UX design
– Slightly expensive
– Slow Deliveries
Controller Chaos is one of the top choices for hardware mods on the market. They provide color customization of nearly every part of your controller, but their best add-on is their clicky hair trigger kit — a mod that allows FPS gamers to experience faster trigger response times.

Unfortunately, controllers from Controller Chaos don’t come cheap – a fully customized model from them costs at least $160 without hardware mods. The company has decent reviews on Trustpilot but some customers have complained of late delivery times and poor finish on occasion.

– Easy customization Options
– Superior build quality and dependability
– 1-Year Warranty with Each Controller

-Reports of deliveries with defective controllers.


Custom Controllers offers an effortless experience for PS5 gamers looking to customize their controller with custom colors and prints on front, back, trackpad, trim, buttons, D-pad, thumbsticks and triggers. Their UK-based company ensures a hassle-free experience for PS5 gamers looking for reliable modded PS5 controllers with aesthetic changes.

Custom Controllers goes one step further to demonstrate their trust in their products by offering 12 months of warranty with each controller, plus all the same features as a standard DualSense controller. On Trustpilot, the brand has earned an impressive 4.3 star rating from customers who appreciate their quick delivery times and excellent customer support. Pros include unique hardware mods and limited lifetime warranties to back up their promises.
– Digital buttons and a comfortable grip

– Pricey option.
– Variability in quality
Aim Controllers is an excellent choice for those willing to spend more money for functionality and style. Their DualSense controllers come with remappable Spider Action V3 paddles and two-mode triggers by default, both covered by a lifetime warranty.

The base specification starts at $180 and increases in cost as you select different color variations for each button, thumbstick or body panel. Furthermore, Aim offers custom PS5 controllers with performance features like different grips on back to maintain accuracy during stressful moments. With all these options selected, custom PS5 controllers from Aim could cost anywhere from $260 to $280.

Your money won’t go to waste with Aim Controllers; their reputation and 4.0 star rating on Trustpilot speak for themselves; customers love their superb build quality and exceptional customer service, though sometimes issues arise. Plus, Aim controllers provide significant improvements in gaming performance with digital buttons and smart triggers/bumpers.
Pros – Great build quality and rigidity
– Wide variety of colors and prints

– Standard paddles offer greater versatility.

– No app for remapping paddles.
– Expensive
SCUF Gaming leads the pack when it comes to custom PS5 controllers for gamers. Starting at $200, their DualSense controller (or Reflex as SCUF calls it) comes with four remappable paddles, a braided USB-C cable, and an interchangeable set of thumbsticks as standard equipment.

But as you customize each panel of your controller with colors, the cost can quickly exceed $300. That being said, it still provides functional value and can be enhanced with hair triggers/bumpers and a stronger back grip for an improved gaming experience.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an app to remap buttons on the SCUF Reflex; you must do it manually. Furthermore, it’s expensive compared to other options but comes with great customer support and durability as well.

Discover How to Construct Your Own Custom PS5 Controller
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