FFXIV 6.21 Patch notes Summary; Job Changes & Savage Raid Difficulty Tuneaks

FFXIV 6.21 Patch notes Summary; Job Changes & Savage Raid Difficulty Tuneaks

FFXIV 6.21 Patch notes Summary; Job Changes & Savage Raid Difficulty Tuneaks

FFXIV 6.21 Patch notes Summary; Job Changes & Savage Raid Difficulty Tuneaks

We have another update with Patch 6.21. Although it’s not a major update, certain players will feel its effects. Warrior and Paladin tank mains got notable buffs. There were some special buffs for those trying to complete the latest Savage Raids. The FFXIV 6.21 patch notes have been posted on The Lodestone. This HTML3_ site also contains the FFXIV official patch notes. We’ve collected all the information you need.

FFXIV 6.21 Job changes

The job changes for FFXIV 6.21 won’t cause any major disruptions to the meta. Warrior and Paladin players received potency buffs that brought them closer to Gunbreaker and the Dark Knight in terms of damage output.

These Jobs’ core components remain unchanged. These tweaks will help if you struggle with Paladin or Warrior in more difficult content. These tweaks are a continuation of the potency increases both Jobs received in the and FFXIV patches 6.2 Job changes.

Paladin Job Changes

  • Holy Spirit: The base potency went up from 280 to 300, and Requiescat, the potency went up from 560 to 600.
  • Confiteor – Potency increased from 600 to 1000
  • Expiation Potency increased from 3 to 4
  • Blade of Faith – Potency increased from 46 to 48.
  • Blade of Truth – Potency increased from 560 to 540

Warrior Jobs Changes

  • Storm’s Path – Base potency increased by 130 to 150, and combo potency increased by 410 to 430.
  • Storm’s Eye: The base potency increased from 130 to 150, and the combo potency from 410 to 430.
  • Fell Cleave: The potency increased from 460 up to 470.
  • Upheaval: The potency increased from 350 to 360.

Difficulty Adjustment of Abyssos Eighth Circle Savages (P8S).

Patch 6.21 has made completing the Abyssos Savage raid Tier slightly easier. There is some relief for those on the verge of clearing Abyssos Savage raid tier: The Eighth Circle Savage (P8S). Both phases of P8S saw a 1% decrease in HP.


If you are fighting against time and trying to reach the required DPS output, just 1% of HP could make all the difference in clearing the anger or not. Clears will be easier for parties who don’t have high-level “meta” teams. Also, we are still in the early stages of Abyssos Savage, so players are using lower-level gear to run these raids.

The FFXIV team claims that the test members who were involved in the launch of the fight performed better than normal. This is partly because they had more time to test it. It also impacted the HP they gave to P8S bosses at launch. They now claim that it was too high. It turns out that the developers are not good enough at their games.

P8S is still a difficult fight and one of the most difficult in the Pandaemonium Raid series. Don’t assume you can simply walk into the fight and get it done without understanding the mechanics. The DPS requirement isn’t quite as severe now.

Echo for Asphodelos Savage (P1S – P4S)

People who have not completed the Savage raid tier of Asphodelos Savage yet will still be able to get assistance. Parties who enter any of the four Asphodelos Savage instances will now be granted the Echo. This grant a 10% boost to the maximum HP, damage output, or healing potency. This buff does not increase after a party wipe as in other cases.

You might be interested in clearing or HTML2S, HTML3S, or HTML4S. Now is a good time. While you’re at the same time, you can also use our Asphodelos-savage guides

FFXIV 6.21 Fixes

FFXIV 6.21 has a few minor bug fixes. These fixes address uncommon glitches in Island Sanctuary. Some fixes fix in-game problems. The official HTMLXIV website has a complete list of bug fixes.

Other FFXIV Matters & What’s Next

FFXIV 6.21 does not have any new content, but Patch 6.25 will. We anticipate FFXIV 6.25 will go live in October 2022. New Tribal Quests will be offered by the Omicron Ultima Thule. Make sure to have your gathering Jobs up-to-date. The Sil’dih Subterrane, which is a new type of content that features dungeons with branching paths as well as scaling difficulty, will be available in Patch 6.25. Most importantly, Patch 6.25 introduces new Hildibrand Quests and the debut of the Manderville Relic Weapons.

Check out our Island Sanctuary guide to get your mammets working like well-oiled machines. Try the Extreme Trial using our Storm’s Crown EX guide. If you want to create a new tier for Savage raids, grab our Abyssos Fifth Circle Savage guide.

FFXIV 6.21 Patch notes Summary; Job Changes & Savage Raid Difficulty Tuneaks
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