Ghostwire: Tokyo PC Version Game Free Download

Ghostwire: Tokyo PC Version Game Free Download

Ghostwire: Tokyo PC Version Game Free Download

Ghostwire: Tokyo PC Version Game Free Download

The Waves of Death PC Game Overview 2019

The Waves of Death
You can either kill or be killed!
A tragic mistake by army scientists has led to a new viral compound spreading across the entire city. This brings the dead back to life. Since then, the terror of sudden zombie attacks, genetically-modified monsters, and skeletons has gripped this area.

Jake just got a phone call from Lilly, whose home is being surrounded by living-dead. To save his family, the young man must cross the city.
He will face many obstacles on his journey. He has a powerful arsenal at his disposal. In order to be able to take action, he has a limited amount of time.
Hell itself is a whole new world of horror.
The countdown has begun!

Waves of Death (also known as FPS) is a game that takes place in first-person perspective. WavesOfDeath VR is also available on Steam in a VR version developed on Unreal Engine (r). The 26 levels of this “survival game” have a strict time limit in order to make the players more stressed. This game requires the player to survive and advance against zombies, bloodthirsty skeletons, and bosses who are ever stronger and more resistant.
It is very easy to operate. It’s a very classic HUD. Meta-representations, e.g. Blood and hits are included.
Two levels of difficulty are available.

The player will be offered new, more powerful, and effective weapons throughout the game. The weapons can be unlocked by the player at the conclusion of a winning game, and above all according to how many points they have earned.

There are three types of enemies. The enemies are divided into three categories: zombies, skeletons, and bosses. They gain more power as the game progresses and can even handle weapons or possess superpowers.
Skeletons are usually faster and more equipped. They are from ancient cemeteries and come from a time when swords used to be the weapon of choice in combat. The wolves are well-protected, have shields on their backs, and excel at combat. They can be found in rural areas, villages, forests, or around large cities. Catacombs are home to some of the more dangerous ones.


The zombies, by definition, are slow. However, they do move in large numbers. The zombies are attracted to humans and will approach Jake in order to try to devour Jake. They are intelligent, and some may even use weapons. However, they are rare. They usually appear in cities or along main roads.
They are bigger, stronger, and genetically altered by the military. The Bosses escaped a secret lab and used the chaos around them to reach the top of food chains. If you’re not prepared, their attacks can be devastating.
Waves of Assault

The adventure is punctuated by Bosses at key strategic points. Each level has 3 waves of enemy enemies that last 5 minutes. Each player must complete 78 levels to reach the final mission, which will free Lilly.
Polygone Games Studio
Unreal Engine 4
There are two levels of difficulty.
Maps of 26

Adult Content – Description

Developers describe the content as follows:

This game requires you to eliminate all enemies, including zombies and skeletons. This game contains scenes of gore, violence and blood.
The STEAM parental controls are taken into consideration in this game.

The Technical Specifications for This Release

  • The Initial Game Release
  • Interface Language: English
  • Audio Language: English
  • Waves_of_Death.iso Game File name
  • Game download size: 16GB
  • MD5SUM : 394820e5ffe9f02ae574a9e0d5c109cd


System Requirements of Waves of Death

Before you start Waves of Death Free Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.


* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: Windows 10
* Processor: I7
* Memory: 8 GB RAM
* Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1080 TI
* DirectX: Version 12
* Storage: 50 GB available space


* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* Processor: I7
* Memory: 16 GB RAM
* Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 2080 TI
* DirectX: Version 12
* Storage: 60 GB available space


Ghostwire: Tokyo PC Version Game Free Download



Ghostwire: Tokyo PC Version Game Free Download
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