How to get GTA Online's Podium Car consistently.

How to get GTA Online’s Podium Car consistently.

How to get GTA Online's Podium Car consistently.

How to get GTA Online’s Podium Car consistently.

Grand Theft Auto Online’s current event week kicks off tomorrow and there is an incredible Podium Vehicle available. Here we show how you can grab one – let us show you exactly how and why it will make an appearance in GTA Online.

Each week in the Diamond Casino there’s a brand-new Podium Vehicle up for grabs to win, although winning it often requires luck rather than skill – you need only spin a wheel until it lands on one of its parts to gain entry if it has won it before attempting again – however there’s one surefire method you can employ that almost guarantees getting one every single time if this applies to GTA Online (GTAO)
This week on the Casino Podium sits the Ubermacht Revolter, valued at an impressive $1,610,000.

Are you eager to win this car for free? Simply try your luck on the Lucky Wheel in Diamond Casino – and be wary if your success depends solely on luck – there’s a simple strategy you can employ that may make winning easier – continue reading to gain knowledge on how you can secure an existing podium vehicle every time in GTA Online!


How to obtain the Podium Vehicle each time

In GTA Online, there’s a little trick you can use from LaazrGaming that could make getting that all-important Podium Vehicle easier each time around.

How can you win it yourself? Head to the Lucky Wheel in Diamond Casino, ensuring the wheel layout features clothing at its center with 50k segments located to either left and 2,500 RP segments located to either right of it.

Once at the wheel, press right on the D-Pad until ‘Use L to Spin’ appears in the top-left of your screen and wait four seconds exactly – flick your left stick directly upward and downward to win every car you spin!

Every day you get one free spin so if the vehicle of your dreams eludes you today, try again tomorrow if necessary!
How to get more spins on the Lucky Wheel
But you can save this spin and try again later if the outcome of it wasn’t promising; before your spin finishes spinning, simply quit and reload this should save it so that you keep trying until you win what prize you’re after!

GTA Online features weekly updates in more ways than one, not just its Podium Car. If you want a chance at scoring another vehicle, be sure to take note of our guide of prize rides for this week, along with Prime gaming benefits and rewards for this timeframe.

Discover ways you can start making money this week to become rich quickly. Additionally, if you want to run your own business in Los Santos and register as the CEO or MC President.

How to get GTA Online’s Podium Car consistently.
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