Insider Leaks Battlefield 2042 Beta Start Dates and Times

Insider Leaks Battlefield 2042 Beta Start Dates and Times

Insider Leaks Battlefield 2042 Beta Start Dates and Times

Battlefield 2042Many gamers eagerly anticipate the game, which appears to be a direct response to much of the criticism the franchise has received about its recent releases. Some leaked beta information should help those who are eager to play the game. Battlefield 2042Fans need to plan accordingly.

Leaked information should always be taken with a grain, especially regarding dates. The Battlefield 2042 trailer proved that they are still possible to release even though official dates can be changed. Fans should not assume that the beta’s start date was fixed as it was rumoured to have been for several weeks. It is worth noting that this information comes straight from Tom Henderson, a trusted insider.

Henderson proved right on numerous Battlefield 2042 features, including player count, destruction, and more. The leaker even called out the game’s robot dog, proving that his sources are reliable when it comes down to its development. Henderson claims that a capture event for content creators will take place on September 20. The media embargo for content creators will be lifted on September 22. The early access beta will begin on September 22 for normal players.

Henderson also lists the exact time the Battlefield2042 beta will begin, with a 10- to 11-AM CEST window. Players must pre-order Battlefield 2042 and subscribe to EA Play or Xbox Game Pass to be eligible for the September 22 early access period. If you don’t use these programs or are unsure about the latest game in the Battlefield franchise’s franchise series, you can still get into the beta version a few days later. The Battlefield2042 beta will open on September 24, according to reports. This will allow everyone to play the multiplayer game.

The beta is not set to end by Henderson. It could run through the 26th, with another weekend possible, similar to other major betas. However, this is speculation as the beta end date can be any number. It will be interesting for DICE to respond to criticisms, such as those regarding Battlefield 2042’s tornadoes. It will also be interesting to see DICE’s selections for beta’s map lineup and mode.

The beta will allow fans to test Battlefield 2042’s Specialists and other features. It should be an exciting day for all those who have been following the game closely. Although the date can always be changed, this leaked information suggests that September 22 could prove to be an important day for the Battlefield community.

Insider Leaks Battlefield 2042 Beta Start Dates and Times
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