Is Fortnite's Cube Queen dead?

Is Fortnite’s Cube Queen dead?

Is Fortnite's Cube Queen dead?

Is Fortnite’s Cube Queen dead?

Fortnite‘s flip of Chapters produced an essential live event that ended with a bow. Chapter 2 — Season 8’s The End Event showed The Last Reality, the universe-trotting evil leader, being defeated by water. Was The Cube Queen defeated?

The Cube Queen, a Trojan horse, arrived with Chapter 2 — Season 7 of the alien invasion. She secretly powered all the Fortnite Island’s alien ships. Her mission was revenge for her defeat ten seasons prior. Kevin the Cube was an interaction of power she controlled.

The first of many Halloween traditions, Loopers teamed up to defeat the evil in an all-out Halloween Spooktacular. Although Halloween occupied only a portion of Season 8, 2021’s Cube Queen was no threat.

In the Season 7 live event, Skyfire brought down many alien ships and the Cubes inside them. Finally, the Cube Queen had an opportunity to see things from her perspective. The Last Reality’s mission was to destroy all universes and leave no trace. Fortnite’s zero point was a direct portal to this — and an endless supply of energy. It was her most significant prize.

The first appearance of Kevin the Cube in Chapter 1 — Season 6 explored the possibility that the Last Reality could acquire infinite power. The Zero Point was found in The Vault beneath Loot lake, which was inaccessible. To weaken the Island, the evil Fisher-Price printed runes on its ground. The water above melted the runes, seeping through the dirt. Kevin, like its ruler, was defeated by Zero Point’s hubris after consuming a small amount of its energy.

The Season 8 episode showed the Queen being defeated by water again. With the island flipping and making her collide into the ocean bed, all efforts to converge the cubes into one pyramid and call upon her fleet went wrong. Since then, the Cube Queen has not been seen.

While the reality is calm in the current season, Chapter 3 – Season 3, one coincidence could suggest that the Cube Queen is already back. Chapter 2 — Season 7’s alien invasion caused a surge in biodiversity on the Island. Purple and blue overtook the bushes.

The biome created with Zero Point’s freedom is almost identical to what we saw back then. In this season’s cinematic trailer, a mysterious figure oversees the new landscape. This suggests that it was planned.

The Zero Point is the centre of all things, while the Last Reality is the greatest evil in existence, so the Cube Queen will return once more peace has been restored.

Is Fortnite’s Cube Queen dead?
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