Is Hypercharge: Unboxed for PS5 and PS4
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Is Hypercharge: Unboxed for PS5 and PS4

Is Hypercharge: Unboxed for PS5 and PS4

Is Hypercharge: Unboxed for PS5 and PS4

Hypercharge: Unboxed is attracting a new wave of interest from console gamers.

This game lets you play as your childhood toys and was launched for PC and Nintendo Switch owners in April.

It may make its way to Xbox owners in the future. This is following a tweet earlier encouraging players to register by using this form.

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Hypercharge will not be coming to PS5 or PS4 yet. However, developer Digital Cybercherries may be interested in bringing the game to Sony’s console after receiving a positive response via Twitter.

Amazingly, the UK developer Digital Cybercherries has just five employees. Their first VR game was New Retro Ark: Neon in 2016. Only five people make up the team.

Hypercharge: Is it unboxed on the console?

We mentioned that the Nintendo Switch is currently the only console with Hypercharge.

There are, however strong indications from the developer that Microsoft’s console will soon include a version of this game.

Although there’s no information yet about a PS offering for the game, likely, PS owners will soon have the opportunity to play it. That’s what we hope.

What is Hypercharge Unboxed?

Imagine Toy Story with guns… Lots of guns!

The goal of the game is to fight waves upon waves of weaponized toys that become more difficult and harder.

It is designed to be easy to pick up and use. The developer stated that Hypercharge is simple to jump in and get out of and allows you to move at your own pace.


Is Hypercharge Unboxed Multiplayer?

According to the official website, the game supports one player, 1-4 online, and local co-op.

Split-screen support is available, as well as full controller support for PC gamers.

We expect similar multiplayer and split-screen support for the Xbox and PS versions of the game.

Is Hypercharge Unboxed worth the cost?

Hypercharge was released in April so Switch and PC gamers have had plenty of time with it.

It’s a pretty good game, with Nintendo Life’s review praising its visuals.

Hypercharge also has an Steam rating of very favorable’ based on more than 1000 reviews. You can even download the Hypercharge demo to test it out before purchasing the game on Steam.

Nintendo Switch eShop users also have the option to access a Hypercharge Switch demo.

Hypercharge: Unboxed Price

Steam currently offers 15% off Hypercharge. This brings the price down to PS13.16.

The Hypercharge Switch price on the Nintendo eShop is PS19.99 – which makes it a little more expensive.

We expect both the Xbox and PS versions to be around the same PS20 price, which would not break the bank.

We don’t know at the moment if there will be a demo version, just like we saw with the Steam version.

Hypercharge: Unboxed Crossplay: Is it possible?

According to the Hypercharge official website, crossplay support is not available at this time.

But, this is likely to change in the near future, as the blog post states, “it’s something that we may implement later.”

How many people are playing Hypercharge Unboxed?

The all-time peak for Hypercharge Unboxed Steam at 921 was just below 1,000.

As of the writing of this article, the game is currently being played by more than 200 people on Steam.

Is Hypercharge: Unboxed for PS5 and PS4
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