Kingdom Hearts Games in Order (Including Spin-Offs, Compilations & More)

Kingdom Hearts Games in Order (Including Spin-Offs, Compilations & More)

Kingdom Hearts Games in Order (Including Spin-Offs, Compilations & More)

Kingdom Hearts Games in Order (Including Spin-Offs, Compilations & More)


Google “games with complex plots” and you’re likely to come up with several classic series like Kingdom Hearts. While simplified, the story follows friendships in a war between light and dark; what you don’t see are all the layers expected of Square Enix titles. Plus, with so many games released out of order, trying to follow along feels like an impossible challenge!

Today is your lucky day! While Kingdom Hearts IV may still be some time off, we want to give you the chance to play through all ten canonical entries – both numbered ones and confusingly named Birth by Sleep – A fragmentary passage – no matter which way it goes!

Did we lose you yet? Before we dig in, let’s review the order to play each series and on which collection each game can be found, starting with the original PS2 title.

Here is the chronological order for each Kingdom Hearts game, so that you should begin with Kingdom Hearts I and work your way up to Kingdom Hearts III while waiting for the next one:

Kingdom Hearts was released in 2002, followed by Chain of Memories/Re:Chain of Memories (2004), Kingdom Hearts 2, Re-Coded (2010) and 358/2 Days(2009); then came Birth by Sleep (2010) followed by Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (2012).Kingdom Hearts II (2016) and A Fragmented Passage of 2017 are three games from the Kingdom Hearts series that fans should check out

Kingdom Hearts X (2013)
* Kingdom Hearts III (2019).
– Kingdom Hearts IV (TBC)


Since the series has been released across a variety of devices and consoles, you can play Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts III without missing anything in between. However, doing so would mean missing out on character arcs and engaging storylines. For best results, play Birth by Sleep – one of the best in the series.

Kingdom Hearts Compilations

So far, there are ten Kingdom Hearts available. However, six of them can be grabbed in the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX which can be purchased on Epic Games Store, PS4, Switch and Xbox One with backward compatibility enabled on PS5 or Xbox Series X & S consoles.

On the PS4, Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package is available, featuring all ten games minus Kingdom Hearts III expansion Re Mind. Other platforms must purchase Kingdom Hearts 3 and its DLC separately as well as Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue which is only available on Switch.

Kingdom Hearts 4 was briefly shown off at the April 2022 20th anniversary celebration for the series without an official release date.

Kingdom Hearts IV follows an older Sora, trapped in the Tokyo-inspired city of Quadratum. Disney’s signature touch will once again be evident as some dark force attempts to drag him and his friends Donald Duck and Goofy around realms drawn from Disney classics. Alongside its original heroes, Kingdom Hearts IV brings back Strelitzia – a Keyblade wielder first introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union X.

Although not much is known about the fourth entry, Square did confirm that we’ll get to see more of Sora’s day-to-day life in her lifelike Quadratum and that there will be a “scrap and build” mechanic included.

Given it’s been one year since its reveal and we haven’t heard much else, we anticipate the game to have a 2024-2025 release window.

Kingdom Hearts Games in Order (Including Spin-Offs, Compilations & More)
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