Pantropy Mobile Download Game For Free
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Pantropy Mobile Download Game For Free

Pantropy Mobile Download Game For Free

Pantropy Mobile Download Game For Free

Game Overview


Pantropy is a science fiction-based multiplayer game that allows players to create their own stories. You’ll need to work together to thrive in this dangerous and lush world. Many factions will welcome you to their ranks. Do you plan to mine resources and build a mech? Perhaps you prefer to build a mining station and hunt down enemies’ factions or do all the above.

Players must travel to the farthest regions of the island to get the highest loot and most valuable ores. Mobs can be found in the middle of the map and are very powerful. They will not hesitate to attack lone travelers during battles that rage across the entire landscape. Pantropy has many biomes to conquer and a wide range of weaponry. It also offers highly customizable bases that can be made to your specifications. No matter where you build your base, enemies will find you.


* Anti-offline-raid system
* Flying antigravity bases
* Underground bases
* A detailed crafting system
* Faction-based gameplay
* Farming automation
* Complex base building
* Personal modular mechs
* Battle-based gameplay
* XP Systems and Rewards
* Multiple biomes
* Faction quest system


Pantropy takes players to an alien planet rich in natural resources and dangerous lifeforms. You’ll need to react quickly to enemy attacks because you are a skilled-based FPS player. You can get ahead using advanced building techniques and a sophisticated resource collection system, but only the strong will survive.


To protect themselves against the evil alien fauna, players must gather resources and craft weapons, armor, weapons, and buildings. Players can take on quests and craft mechanics to gain the experience required to make powerful items. While crafting gear and implants can enhance players’ skills, teamwork is the key to success. Ride with your friends in multi-crew aircraft or mechs to get ahead of the rest. Because they can’t be raided once their bases are built, players get rewarded. These buildings can become uninhabitable if not visited soon.

To explore the world with your friends, you can form a group and find a place that will give back. Collaboration increases survival chances and allows you to obtain highly-coveted resources. Players can ally themselves with factions to gain land and minerals. Pantropy does not allow for micro-transactions or in-game purchases. It returns to the roots of online gaming, where players are rewarded for their skill and determination rather than their dollars. Pantropy’s alpha phase runs on a dedicated server that can host up to 64 players and a 50km2 map. Future releases will include more populated servers, significant battles, and discoveries.


Pantropy Mobile Download Game For Free



Pantropy Mobile Download Game For Free
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