PLANET CENTAURI Version Game Free Download

PLANET CENTAURI Version Game Free Download

PLANET CENTAURI Version Game Free Download

PLANET CENTAURI Version Game Free Download


Planet Centauri is a project created by a team of French gamers who various Sandboxes inspired. They are not shy about their involvement in taking the well-known Terraria game as their starting point. However, in contrast to the initial prototype, they are developing something different.

First of all, genuine mechs that shoot lasers exist, and should you wish to shoot explosives. Furthermore, the art of crafting your spells can be done in this game, allowing users to create powerful spells that will destroy enemies and the environment surrounding you.

An excellent addition to all of that is the existence of jetpacks and skateboards; however, they are only components of entertainment and can be utilized at any time.

The world on your own isn’t the most exciting job; therefore, for those interested in society, the idea of multiplayer can be seen! Are you lonely? No matter what, the game’s creatures can be controlled and then come with you.

Their mortality is so high that you should not take the demise of any pet with a heavy heart. Massive bosses strive to increase replayability. They are all original and don’t re-use the same gameplay, making their battle the most exciting part of the story.


Features of the game:
– Pleasant to the eye graphics, simultaneously similar, but at the same time different from other genre representatives.
– Create weapons, armor and magic spells, then test them on nearby mobs.
– Tame aggressive creatures and become best friends.
– Build a helper robot programmed to ruthlessly deal with monsters and help find resources.
– You can have a full-fledged village in your hands, where each NPC will follow the instructions and complete the assigned tasks.


Minimum system requirements:
Operating system: Windows Xp, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2GHz
Video Card: 256MB
Hard Disk Memory: 250MB


PLANET CENTAURI Version Game Free Download




PLANET CENTAURI Version Game Free Download
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