Planet Zoo APK Full Version Free Download (SEP 2021)
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Planet Zoo APK Full Version Free Download (SEP 2021)

Planet Zoo APK Full Version Free Download (SEP 2021)

Planet Zoo APK Full Version Free Download (SEP 2021)

Planet Zoo is a popular simulation game for management and construction. This game is ideal for animal lovers. It is the spiritual successor of Zoo Tycoon 2 and Zoo Tycoon 3.

Frontier Developments is the publisher of Planet Zoo. It was specifically designed for Windows users. It was released in 2019 just one year ago and has received many positive reviews.

This game can be enjoyed by both children and adults. This game is perfect for those who love simulation and animals. Many people have yet to try this game as it is still a new game. We have provided a detailed review of the game to give you an idea. Before you start to play, make sure you read the entire description.

What’s Planet Zoo all about?

There are many construction and simulation games on the market, and Planet Zoo is one. This game allows you to build a zoo, and explore 73 species of animals.

The game was developed and published by Frontier Developments. It received many positive reviews after its release. Its appealing features include its vibrant visuals and the engaging gameplay. This game was specifically designed for Windows users. It cannot be played on other platforms.

Planet Zoo is a one-player game in which players are required to create a zoo. It is also equipped with artificial intelligence, which is the best part about the game. The animals behave exactly as their real-life counterparts.

You will love Planet Zoo if you enjoyed Zoo Tycoon. Planet Zoo is the sequel to Zoo Tycoon 2 and Zoo Tycoon 1. Planet Zoo is the sequel to Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon 2. It features similar gameplay to Planet Coaster, the studio’s theme-park game.

The game was launched on November 5, 2019 for Microsoft Windows. You can purchase the game from the Microsoft Store if you’re interested in playing it.


The gameplay is about creating a zoo to house the various animal species available. There are 73 species in the base game. In the Deluxe Edition, 22 additional species are available.

Amazingly, the AI can control the animals. You can interact with the animals more realistically thanks to this AI. All species have their own needs and requirements, so players must meet these. You can create an environment that is ideal for them.

Each animal has a unique genome that reflects its size and life expectancy. The park must be managed by players who are also animal welfare officers. They must hire staff, conduct research, and build facilities for staff and guests. It is also necessary to care for endangered species.


There are thousands of pieces that can be used to build an environment for animals. These include benches, flowers and trees, lighting, and many other items. Other players can also download your custom structures and put them in their zoos.

Other interesting aspects of the game include weather patterns and animal excretion. There are four game options available, including career, challenge, sandbox and online franchise. Each mode has its own unique features and is different.

The game also includes ten endangered species of animals. They are dependent on players to ensure their welfare. Players can help increase the zoo’s rating by releasing these animals. You can also create educational talks and informational signs.

Features of Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo offers many unique features that can make a huge difference. These features make Planet Zoo different from Zoo Tycoon. Let’s take a look at the key features before you begin to play the game.

  • In-depth information about animals

Planet Zoo is dedicated to providing accurate information on animals. The game gives you detailed information about each species, including their habitats, behaviours, conservation status, and conservation status. You will be able to better understand animals if you have more information.

  • Improved animal behavior

Planet Zoo’s best feature is its ability to promote realistic animal behaviours. AI makes this possible. The AI allows players to interact with animals and hear their sounds and reactions. Players can customize many things to improve animal welfare.

  • Unique animals

There are many animals that can be found in the game. They are unique in their appearances and behavior. They can pass on certain characteristics to their next generation. These features make the game more real and enjoyable. You can also breed selectively to get the best genes.

  • Complex gameplay

Planet Zoo also features more in-depth and complex gameplay. New ways to play have been introduced by the developers, making Planet Zoo 10x more enjoyable. They also introduced goals to increase community reach. The game promotes a sense of community and conservation. It also helps to raise awareness.

Planet Zoo APK Full Version Free Download (SEP 2021)




Planet Zoo APK Full Version Free Download (SEP 2021)
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