PlateUp Download for Android & IOS
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PlateUp Download for Android & IOS

PlateUp Download for Android & IOS

PlateUp Download for Android & IOS


Overview PlateUp

Plate! Plate! Combines chaos kitchen management and restaurant development with strategic planning and design to create an unforgettable roguelite dish. Four players can build and manage a restaurant, including choosing words and buying appliances. Some of these appliances can be daisy-chained to make an automated kitchen. Then, they cook food for customers. The players have complete creative freedom to design their restaurant, which can grow and develop over time.

There are additional challenges and content that can be unlocked as they progress. You can cook, manage and serve your way through 15 busy days at your restaurant to open a new franchise. Co-op cooking is a classic experience. There are many mains, sides, and desserts to choose from. Select your equipment, set up your kitchen, prepare your menu, and then plate your food. There’s something for everyone, from delicious soups to succulent salads, tender steaks, and hearty pies to mouthwatering burgers.

PlateUp Pre-Installed

Take care of the front of the house: serving customers, taking orders, and managing patience. Your restaurant should be able to deal with the most challenging customers and provide what they need when they need it. You can work with your team as a well-oiled machine or do it yourself. Expand your business and reach new heights with your franchise.

You will bring new unlocks, upgrades, and the opportunity to exceed your goals. You can tailor your brand to gourmet dining or fine-tune a fast food franchise. Every restaurant is procedurally-generated with its climate, customers, and conditions. You can return to your franchise headquarters to see your accomplishments, personalize your characters, and upgrade your kit for the next adventure.

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How To Install

Turn Off Your Antivirus Before Installing Any Game

1:: Download the Game
2:: Extract the Game
3:: Launch The Game
4:: Have fun

PlateUp Download for Android & IOS



PlateUp Download for Android & IOS
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