Prey PC Download free full game for windows

Prey PC Download free full game for windows

Prey PC Download free full game for windows

Prey PC Download free full game for windows

Review of Prey

The action takes place in a space station that was occupied at the time by aliens. The player must escape on their own. The player has the option to choose their hero, either a man or a woman. The plot of another game Prey Free download depends on which character is chosen. Some problems can also be solved in multiple ways. The hero explores various parts of the station in order to find a way out.

This is because the hero has no memories of his life or work at the station, making it more difficult. The player must not only fight, but also think about and reflect on how to solve the problems at the station.

The station is short of resources so the hero must make his own weapons. To be able to spot the correct part at the right time, or to leave a hint, you must be attentive.

The player must first find enemies in order to destroy them. Aliens can disguise themselves and set up ambushes. It is often better to hide and wait it out.

Prey is for people who enjoy a fast pace and are smart enough to find the right information. You will need to be a bit of a detective in order to play this game.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10 OS
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 2.4 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Graphics: ATI Radeon X800
  • Storage: 40.5GB

Repack Features

  • Version: Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Tablets are not required
  • Type: GOG License

How to install Prey

  1. Deactivate antivirus software He can also delete any files that are not required for the game.
  2. Run the torrent client and download the torrent
  3. Wait for the game load
  4. Open the folder with the game and run “setup_prey_10966486_(64bit)_(38551).exe”
  5. Follow the instructions given by the installer
  6. Enjoy!



Prey PC Download free full game for windows
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