Prison Architect Download for Android & IOS
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Prison Architect Download for Android & IOS

Prison Architect Download for Android & IOS

Prison Architect Download for Android & IOS

Prison Architect Video Game Review

An architect is a simulation and management video game that simulates the operation of a private prison. It is the fifth game by Introversion Software. Prison Architect begins with Edward, who faces the electric chair after he commits the crime of passport. The prison architect can be used by everyone, from Mafia Don to influential senators. This game required you to design and build a prison. You will need to install the CCTV cameras and designate a guard who will be watching them. Draw a plan of your found proton and add doors. You are both the architect and warden of your prison. Prison Architect is available for free download.

You will manage your budget, staff and guards, as well as utilities and infrastructure. You will reform and rule your prisoner population with irony. Although Prison Architect doesn’t aim for absolute realism, it is one of the most realistic simulators you will ever see. Prisons are self-reliant cities. They can be a closed ecosystem with all the details you need. After your prison is complete, you can share your design online with other wardens. You can also access prison designs from other architects around the globe. You can also download Cities XXL here. Prison Architect free download.

Prisons in a Shell

Four additional chapters are added to the game, each focusing on different aspects of prison life. You can also join a gang in prison, and your ultimate goal to escape is to succeed. Find out how you can escape your prison cell. All prisoners can use escape mode. Dogs are roaming around, and prisoners are eating from your hand. You have the option to purchase tools to dig a tunnel to your freedom. In this small, grim city, anything can happen. You can also download The Sims 4 Deluxe Edition here.

Prison Architect:

  • Manage and build a maximum-security prison
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • Maximum Security Prison
  • Escape Plan



Prison Architect Download for Android & IOS
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