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Sailing Era IOS/APK Download


Sailing Era IOS/APK Download

Sailing Era Download

The story is set during the period of great geographic discovery, the 15th-17th centuries. Nautical routes link the world, resulting in an increase in ocean exploration.

Every young navigator dreams of owning a ship that can sail free through the ocean. Others hope to make history, while others seek to change the course of their lives.

This map shows a real-world scale and provides a detailed recreation of the ocean, land, and monsoon currents.

It also includes information about weather changes and how they affect our maritime world. Weather changes can be sudden and unpredictable, as well as sunken treasure.

Pirate attacks and the lure of danger. You will be able to experience an exciting and novel journey through the ocean. There are almost 200 ports that offer a unique experience in local culture.

The ports offer many opportunities for you to resupply and trade, accept commissions or recruit sailors. You can also invest in these activities.

To explore the inland, you can form a team of land expeditionists! The port situation can affect the price of goods and services, which ultimately leads to higher profits.

Promot port development via trade and commissions in order to increase the number of premium ships, goods, and items available.

Sailing Era Pre-Installed

Trustworthy companions are essential for heroes! You can help them develop, unlock new talents, and learn basic skills to deal with all kinds of challenges.


Use the wind to create distance, switch your cannons’ positions, and then unleash a firestorm upon your enemies. Or, you can do the opposite, and enjoy the excitement of sword fighting.

There are many secrets on the high seas, including historical ruins, sunken vessels, and pirate treasure. Explore the unknown, discover ancient civilizations, and explore every corner of this world. I enjoyed the demo immensely and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys classic trading sims.

Features and system requirements

  • Beautiful game
  • Fun game
  • Unlock new traits

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How to Install Sailing Era on Mobile

1:: Download Game
2:: Extract Game
3:: Launch The Game
4:: Have Fun


Sailing Era IOS/APK Download



Sailing Era IOS/APK Download
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