Salt 2: Shores of Gold iOS/APK Full Version Free Download
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Salt 2: Shores of Gold iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Salt 2: Shores of Gold iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Salt 2: Shores of Gold iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Game Overview

Salt 2 is an open-world pirate game focusing on exploration, crafting, and survival in an endless procedural world. Explore islands full of caves, ruins, and pirate camps. Set sail in any direction. You can craft powerful weapons and armor, fish for survival, complete quests, unlock unique skills trees and talents for gear, decorate your ship, making it your home at sea.

What makes salt unique?

Salt is different from other pirate games. One, we have a single-player exploration experience. No friends are required to manage your boat or be concerned about being attacked while you explore. This game is not focused on naval combat but PVE content like exploring the sea at your pace, going on quests, and crafting powerful items. It also allows you to level up your skills and discover exciting loot and places. The importance of making your ship your home at the sea has been a primary focus. There are over 100 ship decorations that you can place on your boat. The world has been procedurally generated so that you can explore any direction.

The World You Can Live in

We created a world where you could get lost but also lived. You decide the pace and what you do. You might be looking for epic quests to find a world boss, or you may want to fish from the shore. You can do what you want, wherever you are.

Explore an Infinite World

You will start in the middle of an infinite ocean. Choose a direction and sail through a procedurally created world. Use a compass, sextant, and map coordinates to navigate the seas. Undiscovered islands are filled with treasures and legends. Even though the islands may be procedural, all points of interest are hand-crafted with unique puzzles and designs.

Decorate your Ship

Your ship is your home on the seas. You will discover many items that can be used to decorate and craft your ship while traveling around the globe. You can put things anywhere you like on your ship. You won’t even need to hire anyone else to manage your ship. You, the sea, and the infinite horizon are all you need.


Fish and Hunt to Survive

To survive, you’ll need food. You will need food to stay. Grab your fishing rod and throw a lure overboard. Or grab your bow to go hunting wildlife in the woods. Now it’s time for you to get started cooking. There are over 50 recipes you can choose from, so you will always look for new ways to keep yourself healthy and provide passive benefits.

Craft and Upgrade

Explore the globe to find tons of resources to make new armor, weapons, and decorations for your ship.

Step up

Salt 2’s character progression is a crucial aspect. You can level up your character and unlock new world tiers and crafting recipes. Each new world tier brings you more difficult enemies and rare loot.

Loot Epic Gear

Salt 2 has an RPG-style loot system. There are different rarities of weapons and armor, as well as interesting stats that can be tailored to your play style. Every piece of gear has its random talents. You’ll be looking for the perfect rare item to create a high-level thing or hunt down a pirate captain to make an epic sword.

Fight legendary pirates

There are many dangerous enemies on the islands. In your quest for adventure, fight legendary pirates and bosses.

Take part in Quests

You can dock your ship in a port at sea and collect quests and commissions from merchants, townsfolk, and guilds.


Salt 2: Shores of Gold iOS/APK Full Version Free Download



Salt 2: Shores of Gold iOS/APK Full Version Free Download
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