Sign up for Fortnite Supply Llama and get free rewards

Sign up for Fortnite Supply Llama and get free rewards

Sign up for Fortnite Supply Llama and get free rewards

Fortnite has an immense playerbase on PlayStation. Epic also enjoys a strong relationship with Sony. They have made significant investments in Epic over the years. Fortnite players can get free rewards by signing up for PlayStation+ Fortnite and playing the game.

Fortnite players must sign up for the Supply Loma, similar to other recent trials. After signing up, players can work together to achieve different goals and survive the storm. Fortnite Loading Screens, Wraps, and Gliders are available for free to all who participate.

This is everything you need to participate in the PlayStation + Fortnite Event while playing Fortnite on PS5 or PS4.

PlayStation + Fortnite Supply Llama Sign-Up

Head on to fortnite.playstation.com or fn. Gg/the supply llama and sign in to your PlayStation account. If you have already logged in to your PlayStation account, you might be able to log in automatically. Logging in to Epic Games will be required. After that, Fortnite Supply Llama will automatically enroll you.


Anyone over 16 years old and not from the following areas can sign up for Fortnite Llama.

PlayStation + Fortnite Supply Llama Reward Points Players must complete one storm circle on each of the three stages while playing in any standard mode; LTMs and Zero Build are omitted. Each location has a total number of Storm Circles that all players must complete. A new stage will be created once the target has been met.

Stage 1 rewards players with a PS4 theme and an A Lotta Llamas loading screen. This theme can’t be used on PS5.


Stage 2 rewards players with PSN Avatars, the Fresh Iridescence wrap, and other prizes.


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